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    I think so! LOL!:D

    difficult child has been mucho cooperative lately.

    Last week, difficult child went to visit a friend who got into an argument with her father.

    Next morning, difficult child calls me and husband invididually crying her eyes out. Her words "I want to thank you and dad from the bottom of my heart for adopting me. I am the luckiest girl in the world for having parents like you and I love you...." Of course, I asked what happened? LOL!

    YESTERDAY, we got a fax that difficult child was to report for 5 hours of vocational rehab testing. Seems they had been sending her notification of testing dates to the wrong address. Even though it was last minute (such things cause difficult child anxiety) she agreed to go this morning and spent the entire 5 hours being tested. (That 5 hour thing would cause anxiety for lots of folks. She did get a lunch break though). She said it was very hard on her and exhausting. She said the last half was almost impossible for her and she feels like she got all the answers wrong. It was a comprehension type test....math, etc. I told her not to worry about it...that I was very happy/proud that she went.

    There was a delay re: finishing the paperwork to get a social worker to come to her apartment and difficult child has also agreed to go back on Friday to finish that. Right after that, she sees her regular therapist. We have explained some of the things the social worker will help her with (safety, organization, etc.) and she is good with that. Seems her friend told her she needed to be more responsible.

    Question: Anyone else have a social worker work with their difficult child regularly? Esp. with reference to coming to the residence? Any advice? We are soooo excited because we feel like this has the potential to be of great help for difficult child and our family.

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    No social workers here, but just want to throw out a "WAHOO". This sounds like a good deal.
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    difficult child just met with his new "adult" case manager today. I don't know if services include in home but from she's told me, difficult child will get all sorts of assistance and help with independant skills. Right now he's at home but I see him leaving in the near future as I don't think he will be willing to follow the house rules now in affect. (hee hee hee....we went over them with him today. They are titled "House rules for anyone 18 or older living at **insert address here** and whose name does NOT appear on the deed")

    Sounds like she is going to get a lot of good help though. Woo Hoo!!!
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    Nomad, what you are describing is similar to the Independent Living Program I've been suggesting that folks look into for years. The guy who mows my lawn is the son of an ex-neighbor. He has paranoid schizophrenia. He has been able to live on his own because of these kinds of mental health and social skills supports. Rob was also offered something similar but he turned it down.

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    Dude is working with a caseworker on ILP and Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) (program/skills) with the therapeutic foster family through a Mentor program. They will assist kids until they are 21, and I think 23 if they are attending school.

    Sounds like a good thing for all - loved the phone call thanking you for being super parents - doesn't get much better than that.