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    This is really a two part post-one about the new program and one about difficult child's school day today.

    We received our official acceptance form from the program difficult child has been accepted into.

    On the sheet said this service would help because it could provide respite and other wraparound services. Is clearly at risk for hospitalization or being charged with delinquency.

    The really interesting part was on the back. It said Other services and/or placements considered-rationale for not selection:

    RCC: not at that level of intervention. Parents still willing to hang in there.

    It was interesting because we never mentioned an Residential Treatment Center (RTC)-don't know if they talked about that on their own? Just thought it was interesting the way they worded "parents still willing to hang in there."

    On a side note difficult child had 1/2 day ISS due to shoving the same child he has had problems with all year. Apparently there were substitutes today. The child went by difficult child in line and difficult child told the child they weren't supposed to be by each other. difficult child told the sub who didn't do anything about it. Then a bit later in class they started arguing and difficult child shoved him. We have talked til we're blue in the face about him leaving this boy alone-argh!

    The art teacher mentioned to husband that difficult child looked out of it today. The principal also called husband in to look at husband when she was trying to process with difficult child about the ISS incident. husband said he was scared when he saw how out of it difficult child looked.

    Sigh-looks like we will be needing to squeeze in a psychiatrist appointment next week. We saw psychiatrist's nurse today when we were in seeing the neuropsychologist.
    She said from the description we need to have him seen next week when psychiatrist is back from vacation.

    Yikes-sorry this got so long-thanks for reading if you got this far.
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    Sigh. Sharon, I hope you get some answers with the psychiatrist. I'm sorry difficult child is still struggling so. It's so hard to watch your little one struggle.

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    Sorry, Sharon - but I think the sub should get ISS. ;) difficult child tried to do the right thing... guess I'm picturing he felt his buttons got pushed by this kid at some point along the line. I know, it's absolutely no excuse, but these 2 really are oil and water. Administration should be making sure that subs are made aware of the situation (ok, maybe in a perfect world).

    Really sorry to hear he's looking so out of it. medications can be such a bear. Hope psychiatrist can get it straightened out quickly and without throwing a wrench into the rest of it.

    Had to chuckle at the notation about you guys "hanging in there". I think they have you pegged really well. I'm awed at your patience and persistence. You and husband have really amazing amounts of strength, you know? So... when do services start?? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will give you some breathing room and that it will be a positive experience for difficult child. You know, new people, new stuff to do - broaden his horizens some more. ;)

    Hoping for fantabulous staff for you with wrap and respite, and no more subs for the rest of the year!!!
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    Me, too. I also think the sub should've gotten ISS.

    I hope the "out of it" is only a medication issue and gets cleared up via psychiatrist.

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    Thanks Ladies,

    LoneStar-husband was scared because difficult child looked out of it. At this point and time one thing, thankfully, we aren't worried about is him being on anything.

    Heather-Thanks for the hugs-it is hard to watch them struggling.

    Sue-Yeah-the sub should have probably have gotten ISS too. That whole thing turned into a whole mess-I'll post in a new thread. Services start for difficult child sometime in April or May. I know there is an unofficial wait list.

    Lisa-Yeah-I am concerned with him being so out of it-I think it's medication related just not sure what they'll do to adjust it. I hope we get into see the psychiatrist on Tuesday. Wish it could be sooner but that won't happen-we'll just have to watch him carefully.
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    Well good for difficult child for at least speaking up for himself! I'd be fuming that the sub didn't have the ISS.

    Keep hanging in there!
  7. BestICan

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    I'm sorry about the ISS. I have a biased perspective, obviously, but impulsive behavior + looking out of it = pre- or post-seizure state in my kid's situation. Do you have any reason to believe your difficult child might be having seizures? Just throwing it out there, I certainly don't want to make your day worse!

    All my best,

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    Geez, Sharon, if I were difficult child I'd be so confused...trying to do the right thing & then being ignored. :talkhand: I'm sure it's not easy being a sub & walking into a room of students, however each sub should have a list of "hot spots" in the classroom.

    As to the out of it - I saw that so many times when wm or kt had a tweak in medications. It usually passed (especially with the clonodine) after a few weeks. Hope you can get into psychiatrist soon & find out what's going on.

    by the way, if I saw a comment like "parents are willing to hang in there I'd check my forehead for a tatoo that said sucker! :bigsmile: As services & treatment is so hard to come by what other choice do we have, given these are our children & we happen to love & have an emotional investment in them. I hate comments like that - it's a backhanded compliment in my humble opinion.

    It's good to see this update - hope those services are up & running soon. by the way, just as a guideline, when we hired on PCAs for wm, we asked for a drill sergeant. They sent us out an ex marine to interview (had all the military honors & was going to school for child psychology.) Had to love this guy - took wm out in the community - also had him running laps & saluting all over town. It was a hoot to watch.:rofl: