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I will not go through the whole long story so, the short version is my difficult child is diagnosis with mood disorder. We have been trying many medications for quite some time. He was doing fairly well for 2 months and then the spring "March Madness" set in and it has been a huge decline. Rages/meltdowns, obsessive, all emotions heightened, etc.. The Dr. tried increasing abilify and he is worse then ever. (highly restless, eating nonstop, irritable)

I just got off the phone with dr. and we are weening him off of the abilify and when we see the dr. on Monday we will start invega. I have already done a bunch of research on this new medication (dirivitive of reperidone) and of course would like to know personal stories.

As anybody tried it and/or any doctors talking about it.
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We haven't used Invega, but I've heard about it. It sounds as if it's simply time-released Risperdal (akin to what Concerta is to Ritalin). I'm guessing the coverage is smoother during the day than a regular atypical antipsychotic.

Good luck. Let us know how it goes.


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Hi Bugsy-

Did you see the articles someone just posted on invega? I haven't read them, but I thought you may want to read it.