IPRC wanted for child who doesn't need it?


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My sister in law has a son who although has his own issues, he's a pretty typical 11 yr. old boy. He is currently in gr. 5 and doing pretty good. He does have an IEP in place as he has some non-verbal learning disorders but most of the time the IEP is not being used and yet he is still doing well.

My sister in law was told last week that the school is conducting a meeting to discuss an IPRC for him for high school. To me this sounds ridiculous! He is not medicated, he is not in trouble and he is following the normal school program and maintaining good grades. Not to mention that he still has another year to grow and mature before entering high school.

The reason she was given was that it may not be there for him then, that they need to start it now or the help won't be there.

To me it sounds like the school is using him for their own financial reason. My difficult child cannot function without medication and has the same learning disorder, he has an IEP and does not do well without it. We have discussed IPRC for him and our school (which is two blocks away from my nephews) is saying it is a last resort if nothing else works.

She has been told the meeting will go on without or without her and she is really upset. She does not want him on it and does not feel like it's needed given how well he is doing.

I know it may be different in the states but does anyone have any info or does this sound like the school is in need of funding and he's a target because he has an IEP? What needs to be the issues to put a child on an IRPC?

Any info would be great. Thanks


I don't know anything about the Canadian school system. If the student is in the USA, please define IPRC. Every state has different acronymns and IPRC isn't ringing a bell.