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    So I had to put my 10 year old difficult child back into treatment at a residential facitlity. They are trying to wean him off the celexa with the thought that it is overstimulating him. Now he's calling four times a day saying how much he misses home and cries. The last time I took him off of the celexa all he did was cry. They treatment center told him he may possibly go home of Wed. I'm a little perturbed by this, how can they send him home when he is so depressed? The dr.s are thinking he is possibly bipolar. My head is just starting to stop spinning when he tells me this. My question I guess is do I push for a mood stabilizer will that also help the depression along with the extereme highs?

    Me: stay at home mom, depression anxiety
    husband: step dad to K, bio dad to H and J
    K: difficult child 10 year old boy ADHD, ODD, CD, depression possible bipolar, SI
    H: 4 year old beautiful girl full of life
    J: 2 year old boy love those terrible twos
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    Yes, you push. You push for all possible testing to get difficult child on the right medication at the right dosage for difficult child, whatever that medication happens to be. If Celexa isn't the right one, it isn't. They need to hold on to difficult child long enough for it wash out of his system and try a new medication and get through the first few days and stable before they turn him loose. They may have to wrangle with the insurance company to do this - convince them to at least try if that's the case.

    And *hugs* it's a rough place to be.
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    Yes, you need to push. Make them test him to see if a mood stabilizer will help. Unfortunately you will have to argue and fight to get him the help. The insurance companies seem to be running the show not the Dr.s. I hope they can find the right medication or combination of medications that will help him.