is it a bi polar manic state?

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    hi to everyone,

    i'm surviving my day ever so i'm sick difficult child was up till 5 a.m. last night. huge mistake not giving her chlondine live and learn thought i'd give her break. she was relentless last night.

    what i've seen this past week (shes not on any medication's now; abilify stopped 3 weeks ago roughly) just chl. at night

    she's argumentative
    verging on violent - slamming doors stomping feet hitting bed
    little to no sleep (as i learned from last night; every other night given her the medication; so i'm guessing this is what it would look like if i hadn't give to her)
    extremely hyper
    quick talking; alot of thoughts
    beilve it or not making friends in school left and right past 5 days since this started
    isn't fighting to go to school in morning anymore past 5 days also
    can seem very happy one minute almost hard to explain really really happy
    next minute very mad argumentative name calling me telling me she can't stand me, i don't care about her etc.

    i'm holding on like i said to 27th which is round hte bend for evaluation. they'd better give me immediate report for hte money it's costing.

    i haven't seen her without medication's in while. last time was this past summer for 4 mos. no medication's did great. she wasn't like this though. she was a bit more hyper but listened not difficult wasn't clingy or needy nothing was sleeping pretty ok most nights. it all changed i'd say mid november. she went from doing well in school making friends, etc. to all of a sudden needy emotionally and academically not sleeping flying into what looked like manic state alot of crying and upsetment, etc. (nothing changed in november) she did start new school in september but as i said adjusted so very well initially.

    so then mid november found pyshcdoc had her evaluated agian which is when diagnosis her with bi polar and anxiety/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) disorder. she went on abilify yet her anxiety went thru roof so we had to pull her off. tha'Tourette's Syndrome why now waiting it out for neuropsychologist evaluation on 27 - 30th at hospital.

    does this look like what other people experience when they speak of manic BiPolar (BP) states???
    just wondering. i'll have some clarity soon enough and will be figuring out which way to go

    just wanted some feedback if anyone else goes through this if their child is BiPolar (BP)???

    thanks as always
    Jen :)
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    According to my son's psychiatrist, one of the hallmark symptoms of mania is a decreased need for sleep. That means the person can get very little sleep and still function as if he doesn't need sleep the next day. Other hallmark symptoms include grandiosity, flight of ideas and increase in goal-directed behavior.

    Mania is not in and of itself diagnostic of bipolar disorder. Mania can accompany other disorders as well.

    Here's a link to an excellent article on juvenile mania:
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    thank you so much for the link.
  4. Marcie Mac

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    There could be so many diagnosis's not necessarily bi-polar. My youngest would go thru similar, but realllly bad ones after he had ingested sugar, chocolate (can you say crazed) and junk food. It was not a popular theory back then that certain foods can cause rages and outlandish behavior - I "knew" just by looking at his eyes in a full blown out of control rage that he had eaten something he should not have, and with enough hunting, sure enough would find the offending candy wrapper. No doctor back then would ever take it into consideration.

    Now that he is older, he has sort of grown out of the allergy. He has not grown out of the bi-polar however, but is much better now we don't have any foodstuff's contributing to the mania. He will pull an all niter when he has his "unable to sleep for maybe two days running" periods, but he "cleans house" - literally. I would find my house spotless, down to the dogs toys and bones being arranged size wise. Usually he does the cleaning thing when he has a lot of anxiety - its a trait I have passed down to him (but I am not bi-polar) just majorly adhd with panic/anxiety attacks.

    If you are going to take her in for another appointment, start journaling now as to when these occur. And please check what she is eating and see if there is any coralation between rages and food.

  5. Jena

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    hi marcie

    i thought about what you said i can't contact any particular food groups to behavior at all. yes when she has candy or chocolate she flies very hyper that has always been true of her..

    i've also been journaling her behaviors everyday.

    i saw the dip last time with-o medications', hyper state to depressed yet alot of young kids have mixed states i'm finding through literature i've read.

    i haven't seen teh low just yet i can see it better without the chlonidine.

    she used to fly no sleep hardly at all sunday thru wed. by wed night or thur she'd usually crash then it would be followed by alot of crying before bed severe aggitation irriitability, etc. then wed or thur thru saturday she'd sleep be calmer more inward behaviors. now with the medication at night i can't see the pattern anymore.

    tonight gave her the chlonidine and she passed out on couch i had to transfer her it hit her sooner than i thought i guess cause she was up till 5 last night and then she woke up and started crying hysterically for me not to leave her side.

    she's very emotionally needy all the time.

    she's also had some extreme paranoia i guess youd' say. one night we were talking in her room before bed she was telling me story about a girl in school. when she said her name she leaned over and said it in my ear. i said baby what are you doing no one's here. she looked at me around room kept staring at window and said you never know she may be outside window listening. she was totally serious. last year in school she was in which was new school she thought she saw a man with a knife in the school yard they called cops and dogs in that's when i wasin the middle of her first testing.

    they say bi polar can be triggered by certain things, environment etc. they say it's genetic or so they say no real proof yet at all. i belive our move to long island triggered her stuff for her. she always always had her issues Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) anxiety sleepless nights yet when we moved everything took much larger form for some reason. she was also older

    who knows it's all so confusing
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    You're describing unmedicated manic Nichole, except like her father she's always been able to fall asleep at the drop of a hat. (personally, I think it's from exhaustion. lol)

    Does that answer you're question? :geek:

    And after going thru a pregnancy with an unmedicated Nichole...... I hope to God I never have to live with her unmedicated again.:please:

  7. Jena

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    really?? see that's what i think as well.

    last night i gave her chlonidine and get this she still stayed up till 3 a.m. that has never happened. so whatever shes going through whatever manic state hit it was strong enough to bypass medication's.

    it was unreal. she passed out on couch after taking pill about hr. after then i transferred her to bed and she never fell back asleep. not only that she was very emotional crying like a whole break down was occuring for her. i was sick and so very tired but i felt bad last night for her. so by 3 a.m. or 4 a.m. can't remember now she crashed.

    i guess i'Tourette's Syndrome good this occured over weekend. kinda stinks that it occured during time when i was sick cause i need to get well for hospital evaluation. next week but i guess if it had to happen the timing was good.