Is it discrimination???



I really need an answer to this before Monday. difficult child has his diagnosis on file at school. They have a list of his medications.
NOW, when he saw the psychologist/counselor, he drew him a picture of where he sits in this one particular class, where most problems occur. All the desks are in a row, and his desk is about five or more feet behind everyone elses. This teacher consistantly singles him out, puts him by himself. This alone, would make me angry, and he is the one with the anger issue. So, in my opinion, this teacher is purposely trying to make him angry so he has an outburst so he will get sent to the office or in school suspension.
I really want to know if this is truely discrimination, and If I can say something regarding this. I do not want to make it worse, I am just really upset about this and want to know if I can say anything.


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Is there any chance that he was having problems behaving or paying attention when his seat was with the others and she is trying to minimize the chance that he'll get into something? If it is bothering your son (my son would actually like that), then I would talk to her professionally and ask why his seat was moved and explain that it really upsets him and see if you can work out a compromise. If she refuses to work with you, go up the chain.


I agree. As long as he is only 5 feet from everyone else, it could be a legitimate BIP. I would ask first, and hope that you can negotiate.

You do not have a lot of leverage here in terms of discrimination in my opinion.



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Is this an accomadation like preferential seating? Dumb question I know but unless his BIP or IEP specifies where his preferential seating is supposed to be the teacher gets to determine it.