is this a side effect of any of these medications?


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difficult child keeps getting athlete's foot and conjunctivitis. Another mom of a difficult child told me she's pretty sure she read that some psychiatric medications can have these as a side effect.

depakote, trileptal, risperdal, trazadone


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I have not heard of this being a side effect of these medications. At one time or another Wiz has taken each of these. he was on each except trileptal for at least a year and had no athlete's foot or eye infections. He wasn't on more than any 2 at the same time though.

have you read the prescribing information for the medications? It would have the most comprehensive list of side effects. The conjunctivitis can be a result of allergies or poor personal hygeine (not washing hands is said to be a major cause in children - it was part of some training I went through).

Here is a link to the depakote ER prescribing info:

trileptal prescribing info


Not sure why, but I couldn't find trazodone info online using the search terms "trazodone prescribing info" - went to and came up with this side effect list. I recommend going to the pharmacy and asking for the package insert of prescribing info. It won't cost the pharmacy anything, so they shouldn't charge you.

I hope htis helps.

Sara PA

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Desyrel is a brand name for trazodone which is a genetic name.

Red/tired/itching eyes is a fairly common side effect.


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Thank you Sara PA. I've noticed that getting a rash is associated with some of the medications also. Now I'm wondering if it's not really athlete's foot but actually a rash from the medications. As soon as he stops the cream the doctor gave him, it comes back in a couple of days.

I'm going to talk to the doctor that these are possibly side effects from the medications & show him the list of side effects for them. I've been told that it couldn't be from the medications.