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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Nov 11, 2010.

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    I watch a lot of tv shows online. It is more convenient and I don't have to be chained to a specific time to watch them - and the kids have the DVR set to record other stuff most of the time.

    Many companies are advertising online during the breaks in shows just like they do on tv. I usually do other things in the breaks, but I hear the commercials.

    Suave has a commercial for their professionals line that is available in several versions. The one on ABC right now shows models walking and flipping their hair as if they are on a runway. As they walk and flip the music in the background repeats the same lyrics over and over. One of the two words made a big impact, enough that I cannot remember the other one.

    They repeat "H3ll" over and over. Not just once as a "slip of the tongue" but it is either "H*** Yes" or "H*** No" said repeatedly.

    Am I an incredible fuddy duddy to find this completely unacceptable? I don't allow my children to say this once, much less over and over. Their friends are not allowed to say it either. Not around adults anyway.

    WHO in a major corporation would sign off on ads for a product line that curse over and over??? Did ALL of the advertising and marketing people for Suave completely lose their minds??

    I thought Suave products were supposed to appeal to families, at least as a major part of their target markets. Even if they were only designed for single adults, surely our society is not so permissive that this kind of language is acceptable and effective for advertising???

    Am I so out of touch with society that this is now considered effective advertising??
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    I haven't seen that commercial but I don't like the sound of it. I don't think you are a fuddy duddy at all. I find so many commercials go too far. Some make me laugh, some bore me to tears, yet the ones like this are the ones people talk about, around the Watercooler (lol). I think that is probably why these companies do it, although I really wish they'd find more appealing marketing strategies that make us remember for good reasons.
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    Now that you mention it, I am not familiar with that particular commercial - but there is one that I find really questionable.

    Has anyone seen the ad for the women's personal shaving system? The ad features women getting out of baths, showers and pools....wrapping towels around themselves....and as they walk, all the shrubbery in the room contracts into neatly trimmed triangles. One bush even turns into a little skinny rectangle.

    The first time I saw this commercial I nearly fell out of my chair! Could they be saying any more blatantly "Trim your bush" ? UUUGGGHHH!!!!

    And this is on regular TV !!!

    I agree, some of these ads are really over the line.
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    Daisy - yes, I have seen the one you refer to and also found it a bit shocking. Even my H said it was a bit much. Susie - haven't seen that one, though I don't watch much tv at all anymore.

    My STRONG suggestion is to make your reservations and objections known to the parent company. It is important that they hear from regular people in response to their ads. I've written soooOOoooo many letters and, more recently, emails to companies I have lost count. All they hear from are panels and ad agencies who tell them it's a great ad. It is time for parents and others with a little integrity to stand up to these companies and let them know exactly what you find offensive. And always threaten to boycott their product...and that you will tell two friends, and they will tell two friends, and so on and so on (using the old Suave ad there!!!). Seriously, folks, it works.
  5. ThreeShadows

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    The other day I saw a TV ad for a product called "Trojan vibrating touch". They used the setting of a bridal shower to peddle their goods! How far will they go to debase our society?
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    I haven't seen the shaving one, or that particular vibrating touch one. I usually like commercials, maybe it's the Marketing major/retail manager in me coming out, but I haven't seen very many lately that I find amusing or interesting. I'm seriously tired of the birth control one where the women are synchronized swimming, and then some of them get out and get into a hot tub. And the one that invites you to "have a happy period."

    I really think there's a better way to capture our attention, but I also think it's a breakdown in society. Remember when comedians were funny because they were clever? Now, too many of them get airtime just by saying F*** every other word. Not cool.
  7. susiestar

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    I always let the company know. I usually LOVE commercials, often more than the tv shows. Always have. My mom used to bring home the tape of the CLIO awards (advertising industry awards) and let me watch it and it was always a blast. She taught marketing, and I have a degree in it.

    I just thought that maybe things had shifted a LOT to let that word on tv at all. I think that the execs at Suave got conned by ad execs. I have seen several versions of the ad that do NOT include the lyrics, just the music, and do not spend as much time showing the women on the runway. Instead they focus on showing the stylists with the models saying they thought it was a $50 bottle of shampoo. My question on that commercial was that any fool who would spend $50 on a bottle of shampoo has more $$ than sense (I am an extreme tightwad in many many respects.). That version didn't anger me, but the one with profanity did.

    I have not seen the shaving commercial but would be highly offended by it also. Who the H do they think they are to tell me that I need to trim ANYTHING?? Maybe someone trimmed a bit too much of their brain cells with whatever they are smoking that made them think that commercial was a good idea.

    It used to be thought that as long as people were talking about you it didn't matter if what they said was good or bad. Now we know differently, MUCH differently.
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    I don't have a problem with any of it (the h3ll one or the trojan one). I come from a generation that is more laid back about the vernacular of indecent words being every day use (outside of young child ears of course). I, personally, am of the mind set that if one does not like what they see or hear then one can chose to change the channel or stop watching or listening. I'm not a very "easy child" person when it comes to things like commercials or topic matter in television\movies.

    Doesn't mean that I let my young kids watch the more debasing or violent things. Not by a long shot, that's why the ratings system is in place - for parents to use them to gauge what their children can and cannot watch or hear or play (video games).

    I am a HUGE stick up my butt stickler for the ratings on video games. BIG TIME!!! To the point where it ticks off my evil sister in law that I will not and refuse to both accept or buy anything rated above the familial collective children's ages. All age appropo video games in and out of my household. I even sent one back to her that was rated R for the play station that I would not allow my kids to play (she specifically did this to try and tick me off and it was a christmas present). I replaced it of course, with something more appropriate.
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    Holy Hannah *lol* I was just going over your post and it occurred to me that Canadian Television is much much different from American Television. We're more lax with words on our networks. For instance the word ***** and B!tch are very accepted vernacular on our television shows, they aren't censored at all. Sexual scenes are a given in some of the night time Canadian shows, literally very racy and very suggestive.

    It's rather striking how different our censors are between the two countries. You should here what doesn't get censored on the Howard Stern radio show here in Canuckville *lol*
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    I suppose it would depend upon the rating of the show that you are watching. If it's at TV-14 and you've chosen to watch it on the computer, then it's obnoxious, but probably to be expected. Besides - it's the conservatives that brought the public discourse as to how wonderful it is to not just say "no" but "he-- no" to things we don't like. They thought it was provocative and cute. They can't really expect the advertisers to not jump on THAT bandwagon.
  11. susiestar

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    I think the main reason it bothers me is that the Suave products are generally marketed to families. I was NOT watching a tv-14 show by any means. I think the viagra and other similar commercials are stupid and annoying but they don't cross the line. This was a show that is shown during family time - time when people have little kids still awake. I don't even totally object to the word. It has a time and place, but casual conversation or selling products doesn't seem appropriate.

    I actually HATE the Axe commercial where they are asking if the "detailer" will clean this or that kind of balls. It is CLEARLY meant to suggest profanity and male body parts and is stupid. If Wiz were young I am SURE it would cause some interesting questions from him. As I personally HATE every Axe product I have ever seen/smelled, my voice won't mean much to them. The products make me physically ill from the sheer stench and regardless of who they claim they are selling the products to, their target market is the 13-21yo male. By the age of 21 or so, guys generally either want better smelling products or better quality products or NOT to be so slathered in perfume that they smell up entire houses. At least that is how it is here. I know a retailer who is right next to the college campus and they tried to carry Axe products. They sell a LOT of products of that nature to the college kids and couldn't even move a case of Axe because the college kids laugh about it. It may be different in other areas, but here it is a middle school through high school product because it is so over-scented.

    I find THAT commercial offensive, but as I wouldn't buy it anyway I don't care as much. I am NOT old, and AM of the generation that is pretty laid back about a lot of things. I still find it offensive and a giant neon sign showing a great lack of intelligence and creativity to use H3ll over and over in an advertisement for a product. There are SO many more clever ways to get a point across that resorting to language that will offend people needlessly just seems idiotic.

    If the language served a purpose or conveyed a message it wouldn't bother me nearly as much.
  12. Mamaof5

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    I didn't mean to imply that you were old (I myself am 31 years old but feel pretty much 71 at times). I grew up with a fairly laid back dad (though we're estranged for some of the same reasons he was "laid back" read "not there emotionally and didn't care" more than laid back actually). My mom was never home most times (3 jobs to cover his gambling debts and financial fiascos) so we pretty much had the run of the television at our own leisure. Even then, Canadian broadcasting was pretty...well offensive to tell the truth. I find our CRTC (the people who regulate what goes on the air here) are pretty laid back about a lot of things to the point where now shows like "Nurse Jackie" and "Sopranos" aren't censored at all, even during prime time (when families are still up here, we're talking after school).

    With satalite we now have time shifting capabilities and it really doesn't matter anymore if it's "prime time" or 2 am. Even cable companies are doing time shifting now. I wasn't lol'ing at the topic or any person just at the realization I made right after the first post I posted that our censors are completely different from each other. I'm sorry if I insulted you, I didn't quite come across the way I meant to.
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    I was thinking about this topic just the other night. I think about a lot of things because I have no one to actually talk to...lmao.

    I have noticed that people use a whole lot of swear words these days on tv. Remember back when George Carlin had his act about the 7 Words You Cant Say on TV. Well of those 7 words I think we are down to maybe 2 on primetime TV. Maybe 3. I dont think I have actually heard the F word on Primetime Network TV but then again, I may not have noticed.

    I really dont mind what words they use. I havent seen the Suave commercial, dont know if I have seen the shaving commercial because I normally just hear them if I dont have my glasses The Axe commercial makes me laugh. I think it is so idiotic and aimed at teen boys that I just find it over the top with innuendno. There was one that made me do a double take but I cant remember what it was right now. I will have to write it down next time I see it.