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    Star* call 911

    I'm trying to find the "What if feels like to have ADD/ADHD"

    there was an article here years ago that involved a woman giving a classroom full of parent's & teachers a test, then timing them, writing the pledge of allegiance, then going back and erasing every other letter or something.

    The other article I'm looking for is the one where a web site plays a record player with other sounds that chime in - lawnmower, light hum, kids voices, shuffling, etc.

    I have a non-believer that needs a lesson and those 2 stuck out in my mind to give someone a true and accuate account of ADHD. The reason it stuck out is because when I showed it to Dude - he STILL remembers it and said "Yes Momma that's sorta what goes on in my head." and it made me cry.

    Educate - not retaliate. :whiteflag:
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I found an article written by Dr. Edward Hallowell, the guy famous for his "Driven To Distraction" books on ADHD, where he describes what it's like.
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    Star* call 911

    Thanks - still looking for the thing with noise - I think this person needs to hear and see it to GET it. I'm getting the vibes that ADD/ADHD isn't real....
    NO KIDDING - ? urge to make them come live with Dude. :surprise:
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    Urge them to go live with Or better a long distance in a car with Jamie, Billie and Hailie! OMGosh!!!!! There is not one quiet minute. Makes my ears bleed. Constant talking, legs shaking, hands tapping. Changing the CD. Windows up and down. EGADS!
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    If I'm not mistaken, Sheila(mod) posted it. Trying searching under her board name.
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    And if THAT doesn't work, you could always send her over to ME!

    I will sway and fidget and dance, and pick things up and put them down again, and twirl, and twist my hair into knots all while perseverating on some obscure topic or other (or is it not fair to sic an ADHD+Aspie on her?)

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    Trinity -

    THAT IS ONE OF THEM - MWAH - thank you! Exceptional detective work.

    Fran - Will do - I have partheimers and sometimes I just - HEy look a squirrel.

    Thanks -

    And the AD (lighting bolt) HD black T shirt - OMG too awesome -

    I love the one that only comes in kids sizes that says this is what it feels like.

    Must check to see if I can make something similar with screams - for adults. To show to children. lol....ahem.
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    Rick Lavoie made a video similar to what you're describing. It's called (I think) The FAT City Experience. I remember watching it several times during my teacher ed classes.