Is this LEGAL??????????????

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by rejectedmom, Feb 24, 2007.

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    I posted in general but then thought maybe I should put it here. I think you all remember about difficult child's latest :censored2: up that cost him his parole? He used the cross from his rosar to unscrew a couple of screws n a vent cover. he didn't remove the cover and he didn't enter the vents but they treated it as an attempted escape. He was put in isolation until he could be brought up infront of the prison review board. Evidently that has happened because husband called the prison and difficult child is not allowed visitors until MAY 4th. That is over 90 days total!

    I thought that the maximum they could do this for was 30 days? have contacted NAMI legal department by e-mail. I hope they get back to me -RM
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    Sorry, I'm just trying to clean up the thread I think my posts to general were moved her after I posted.
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    I do not know about that. I would call the jail warden and speak to him only...they may call him "the lieutenant". see who is in charge and they can explain jail policy. that never happened to ant for that long where he could not have visitors.
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    Thanks Janet I'm doing my research reading the code.
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    I will try to call the prison during the week. I doubt I can get a call through on the weekend. I am so upset about this. I fear that not having communication with the outside world and having such severe mental problems sets my son up for abuse and possibly another suicide attempt. -RM
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    RM, I hope you get a satisfactory answer to this soon. It makes a huge difference whether he is in a real "prison" (State-run institution) or in a local county jail. State-operated institutions have strict rules and legal guidelines we have to operate by, but county jails can vary widely and a lot of them pretty much do what they want to.

    It may be different where your son is, but in the State-run institutions, we are only allowed to give up to thirty days segregation as punishment for any one disciplinary offense, and during that time they are not allowed to have visitors. There are exceptions though. If they are written up and found guilty of certain drug offenses, it can carry a mandatory six-month suspension of visiting privileges. This is mostly for the ones who fail the random routine drug testing, or ones who have been caught trying to have drugs smuggled into the institution ... usually by their visitors. They are not necessarily segregated (locked up) during this six months, but their visits are suspended. They are still allowed to make phone calls though, at certain specified times. If you want to talk to the person "in charge", I would wait till Monday to call. Very seldom is the person "in charge" there on weekends. These people work the GOOD hours, not the weekends!

    A county jail is a whole different ball park though. And from what I have seen where I live, it makes a big difference if it's a larger, better funded jail, or a smaller one on a tight budget. Some of the smaller ones may have no funds allotted at all for mental health issues. I live in a small, rural county with constant budget problems, finger pointing and political bickering involving the county jail. County budgets are done a year at a time, in advance, with only a certain amount of $$$ allotted to medical expenses for inmates in the jail. This last year their ENTIRE budget was spent on medical expenses for two inmates with serious (self-induced) problems and nothing was left for anything else. Not that it's right, but in instances like that, mental health issues would come in a very distant second in their priorities. I hope you get some answers soon.
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    Donna, difficult child is in a county facility. The codes seems contridictory. One says that the county facilities have to follow the doctor guidlines another says they can set their own punishments. I'm still reading over a hundred pages of legal stuff. UG! -RM
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    It's possible that they are setting their own rules and using the doctor rules as a guideline. You should be able to answer the question of whose rules they follow by contacting the prison.
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    Witz, Thanks, I guess I am just going to have to wait until the work week comes to find out any answers. -RM
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    Not too make light of this RM, but as I'm reading your post I'm thinking to myself, "and our kids think our house rules are too tough". I mean how many times did we try and all teach our difficult child's what they need to do...they go and do what they FEEL like doing and then have to pay such high consequences for their actions. It just totally befuddles me.

    I hope you get some answers either via email from NAMI and/or from the jail on Monday.

    Thinking of you. (((sunny hugs)))
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    ant was in three county jails. all diff rules. some very very strict, some waaaay too lax. the last one was so strict it was sickening. it was run by the sheriff's dept.

    keep after this RM and let them know you are there and you expect to be able to find answers about your son.

    ant was only not allowed visitors for a very short time.
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    Just wanted you to know that I was reading along too, RM.

    Sending strength.

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    Thinking of you & yours. DDD
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    Sending ((((hugs)))). Hopefully this can be sorted out soon.
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    I don't know anything about this but wanted to send you a hug, RM.

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    No advice, just support and hope that you are able to find the answers you need.

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    any info received today?
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    Were you able to reach anyone today who could tell you what was going on?
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    Hi all and thanks. The dday just flew by with many chores and telephone calls. Only thing I accomplished is a few loads of laundry,

    I was unable to talk to anyone at the jail. I have noticed it seems like they don't take my calls nor return them quickly when difficult child has had a recent issue.

    difficult child has written me two letters with no reference to this last incident....go figure.

    NAMI did e-mail me but they were of no real help. They refered me to the PD office The PD Association and the center for disability law. They didn't even have a recommended lawyer in my state. UG!

    I have developed a new strategy (JOKE) :wink:. I have been looking for facilities for my difficult child and they are so outrageously expensive that only a truly wealthy person could afford to put their family member there. One was almost $400/day and another was 48K a year plus medical and dental and incidentals. those were the cheap ones! :smile: So I told my husband that I have adopted a new strategy. I call it Play and Pray.
    Play the lottery and Pray I win. :angel: husband says it would work as good as anything else we have tried. :rofl: -RM