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    We had 79 mile an hour straight-line winds the other night. Everyone lost branches, siding, yard furniture to other people's yards. It's a given that people retrieve their own property from wherever it ended up and proceed to clean up their yards. That's what people do after severe storms. Well, we didn't "inherit" anyone's property but our yard is a mess with branches and leaves. We needed to clean it up, right?

    :not_fair::slap:Well, not difficult child 1. His train of thinking is that we shouldn't have to clean up any branches or leaves because we don't have any trees. None of the debris on our yard is ours so the "owners" of the leaves and branches should come and get their own stuff off our yard. Our only tree had to be cut down 2 years ago. We have no trees so why on earth do we have to clean up other people's messes?!? UGH!!!

    I tried to explain to him that everyone cleans up their own yards. That's just the way it is. If he doesn't like that then I would highly recommend he NEVER live in anything but an apartment building where the landlord does the lawn care. He didn't get it so......

    :devil::goodluck:I told him he is more than welcome to figure out what leaves/branches came from what specific neighbor and go tell them to come and get them. I informed him that with those kinds of winds, some of those leaves could be from clear across town and he can spend his time figuring out exactly which tree each one came from because we wouldn't want to make the wrong person clean up someone else's mess from our yard.

    After a meltdown (and an hour to process it), he helped clean up the yard.
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    I know this feeling... A few years back I had a discussion with Onyxx and Jett... We have trees that drop those bean-pods, and twigs. We had the kids pick them up so husband could mow... The kids thought it was unfair because they didn't put them there! LOL I explained husband didn't make the grass grow so tall, either... Onyxx argued more, but also did more work!
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    Sounds like my house does not matter if it was teenage easy child or teenage difficult child.