It's nice to go to a positive PPT


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I usually post in parent emeritus, or teenage substance abuse, but I didn't feel this was appropriate.
I just wanted to post that I went to my 17 year old easy child daughters annual PPT this morning, and it was so nice to go to a good one!!

I'm so used to all those years of cringing and dreading and walking in the door to my difficult child's PPT's in the past years with triple knots in my stomach and walking out feeling like I'm going to throw up and wondering how he's going to get through life!!! My easy child daughter has a whole language disability and goes to resource, Special Education, etc. and when I went this morning they all bragged about what a beautiful, responsible, mature young lady she is and how proud I should be of her. It was especially nice to have the principal sitting there telling me what a pleasure she is and that she has never had a problem with her. She is a Junior in highschool and has been working at a day care for 6 months now in the infant room. She works with babies from 8 weeks old to a year and she absoluteley loves it and has decided this is what she wants to persue. She is going to look into going to the community college for early childhood development.

I feel with everything I have gone through with my difficult child, that my easy child is truley my gift from god because she has given me the chance to see what life with a "normal" :smile: child is all about.

I have to add that she is adopted and I always tease my husband and say, how come the adopted one is the good one???

She doesn't make me love my difficult child any less, and I am so so proud of the progress he has made, but days like today just make being a parent so worth it!!!! :smile:


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It is so nice to have a easy child isn't it? I have two PCs and two difficult child's in both sets one is adopted and one is bio. I don't think that is a factor at all. -RM