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Well, the psychiatrist made it official. His diagnosis is bipolar and ADHD. Before the doctors were leery of actually making it official (even though its what all of them were thinking.) Now I can use this with the court and the school. A week ago I asked the school to start testing and they've already started.

It looks like we're headed back to court in the next few months. Ex is getting ugly and difficult child 1 is smack in the middle. He insisted on changing difficult child's insurance. Which means we change doctors again. It also means that we're going to be paying 20% of the medical costs plus co-pays. Ex is doing this to try to control difficult child's medical treatment. He doesn't think anything is wrong with difficult child and he thinks I'm making it all up to hurt difficult child because I'm mad at ex. He is also trying to lessen the child support payments and my last years court costs that the judge ordered him to pay. He is in for a surprize. The amount he is going to pay for difficult child's BiPolar (BP) far exceeds anything he'll take out of the child support. Plus, the judge isn't going to like it that ex hasn't paid me the court costs yet. Ex isn't the one who can decide if he can take medical expenses out of the court costs. Its going to get expensive for my family, too, but we'll manage somehow. Part of me is glad this is going to back fire on him. Part of me is scared of the court fight that I can see coming, but have no way of stopping it from happening. Last years court fight was about transportation (he was refusing to bring difficult child back) and medication (he was refusing to give difficult child his medications.)

At least we get the therapist and psychiatrist back were working with him before he went on Medicaid. They are good doctors. This might be an o.k./good thing.


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I hope it does turn out to be a good thing. It's sad that you have to go through this time and again with him. I am glad that you have a true diagnosis now and can get doctors you like.


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What specifically does your settlement say about healthcare? Is there a dollar amount that he must provide or is it wide open for him to make the choice of insurance?

Sounds to me like he's just be spiteful, which does not look well in the courts at all. Document, document, document.


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Well, it seems that you now have a direction for difficult children treatment. I'm glad for that.

I have no experience with a vengeful husband. Really can't comment on this much. It seems that DEX should have his child's best interest at heart, not trying to hurt you through difficult child. I may be a bit naive.

Sharon is right - document.

We're here to support you - keep that :warrior: armor on & shined.


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Right now its wide open for him to choose any insurance he wants and take the money from the child support to pay for it. This is the first time (in the 6 years of difficult child's life) ex has provided insurance.

We have a great lawyer and all contact with ex is in email or through a court ordered 3rd party. We've got the documentation down pat. He can't sneeze in our direction without someone taking notice. He has tried to by pass this in the past, but has been called on it and made to stop.


I am so sorry you have to go through that with ex. I understand though. Hope you can get it worked out so that difficult child suffers the least. I know how wound up all three of mine have been when the lawyers had to be involved even when we weren't sharing much information with them. They just seem to know. Hope it gets better soon.

I'm so sorry you have to go through this!!! I'm glad you have an excellent lawyer!!! I can't really offer any advice as I haven't been in this position. I'm just glad difficult child will get the doctors back who you're happy with. Sending cyber hugs. WFEN

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I know when we got the diagnosis of bipolar and ADHD it wasn't a huge surprise but made me feel like the treatments we were trying were on the right track.

I'm sorry for the stuff with your ex. I hope all works out. Hugs.