Its other shoe time again!

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    Saturday, we went on a trail ride. It was supposed to be a club ride, but there was rain in the forecast, so we ended up being the only ones that went. Cgfg took a friend, husband, Wee, and I.
    Wee has been able to ride really well for quite some time, but he had no confidence in himself. Usually, we ended up leading his horse from one of our horses. Since this ride ended up just being us, and we've been working on personal accountability, we pushed him to ride on his own.
    And ride he did! By the end of that ride, that boy was riding that horse like we've all known he could for years. In fact, the last half of the ride (about 12 miles), we had to keep hollering at him to slow down, wait for us, come back, or keep his horse on the trail. He was EVERYWHERE, and just trotting away, having a ball. He and the girls got to sticking leaves in their horses' manes and bridles, and playing games on the trail. It was so much fun.
    And so relaxing. This is one of just a few times in 9 years that I've gone on a trail ride and wasn't attached to another person somehow - only this time, Wee was still there with me!
    I absolutely love watching the kiddos fly after having flapped their wings in practice for so long. There's nothing that quite compares... And interestingly enough, this is the same age difficult child 1 got back on a horse (his pony died when he was 6 and he refused to ride again until he was 9 - and then he took over MY horse when he did! lol)
    And then, this morning, Wee said he didn't want to go to ESY. A little digging and he finally said, very somber, "You know how I said I hate the (early intervention preschool summer program)? Well, I don't. They like me there, and I like it. Its fun, and I want to go there ALL day." While the statement kinda broke my heart? At the same time? YAY!! HOORAY! WAHOO!!! He has a place he feels like he FITS!!! And he wants to BE THERE!!!! So, we talked to his teacher at ESY, and she can see him earlier in the morning, so he can get to EIP program earlier, and stay all day. AND - I am getting ready to leave work to go to physical therapy and I called to see if he wanted me to come pick him up now, or if he wanted to stay and have husband pick him up in a couple hours. He wants to stay!!! Again....WAHOO!!! Separation from mommy!!!
    AND - not done yet - we stopped at Subway to get him a sandwich for lunch (his one complaint is they don't feed him enough, so he's starting to take "extra food") and he ordered his sandwich himself (like usual) and the clerk complimented him on his great manners. :) And then told me again how they just don't see much of that these days.
    So, its a good day, but I keep looking up, waiting for that Adidas, again! lol
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    What a great post! So glad to hear this...
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    Way To Go, Little Man!! And good job, Mom!!
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    That's heartening to read about, Shari. I loved the image of your little boy free as a bird and in his element on a horse... Do you think there's any connection between this experience and his wanting to go to ESY (I'm afraid I don't know what that is though am presuming it is some sort of replacement school during the holiday)?
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    THIS is the whole reason we go through what we do!!!

    Give Wee huge hugs... He is doing SO WELL!!!
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    Way to go, Wee!

    That's so awesome!
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    hopefully the link is to some pics of our ride.
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    holy sweet mother.

    that is the best freakin news i've ever heard---woohoo for both of you. i'll bet suddenly you are walking right past overflowing shelves with a ginormous smile on your face!

    i am so glad he got his groove, especially now that its summer.

    eyes crossed this is not a new phase, but a permanent change--for the better.
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    Fantastic news!! Love the pictures; he looks incredibly happy!
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    Way To Go Wee!