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    to "meet" someone nice. Last week I called a school in HI that serves a housing community I'd found online that was in my price range. I asked about a swim team since most high schools in HI have them and difficult child might want to join one. They gave me the number for their swim coach and I called and left him a voice mail. He called back and it turns out that was his personal cell and he's a volunteer coach. He's really an attny who works for the navy. He was very informative and helpful regarding housing communities and high schools after I told him about possibly getting a job there. On top of that, he told me to email him so he'd have my coontact info and when he got back to town, he would forward me some info about getting housing on base as a civilian employee. (I forgot to mention, when I called his cell last week, he was out of town.) He just emailed to tell me he had not forgotten me but had just gotten back into town and would forward info after he gets caught up and has his court over the next 2 days.

    I doubt most people would take the time to call a stranger long distance with their personal phone to answer questions about something they are doing voluntarily and on their own time, much less when they are out of town, and then offer to do more when the "stranger" has told them this is all tentative.

    I just wanted to share because it doesn't seem like there are many people left sometimes who are kind enough to go out of their way to be helpful to a total stranger and it puts a smile on my face when someone does- especially when so many other things seem to be going bad in my life right now.

    If I make it out there, I need to think of something appropriate (not misleading) to do for this man to thank him.
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    Is he single? He sounds like a real doll. :D

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    LOL, Suz! I did have an after-thought that maybe I should see what he looks like and find out if he's spoken for before I decide how nice to be. (JK!)