It's Week Twelve, ok let's dwelve......

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  1. LittleDudesMom

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    into how the first three months have gone. Can you believe it? The first quarter of the year is over already :highvoltage:!!

    It's time for us to each take a molment and reflect on where we are on our healthy living goals. What have our accomplishments been? What have we changed or tried that was new? Have old self-damaging habits been replaced with some healthier ones?

    Is it getting easier? Is it getting harder? Do you need a shot in the arm?

    Come on all - share.....

    We started this board so we could share our challenges and joys while taking charge of our health.

    How are you doing?

    For me, I've reached a little plateau. I'm down nothing this week and added a fourth day to my workout schedule two weeks ago! So I've added 10 minutes to my cardio, albeit maybe a little slower on the treadmill, and 5 additional pounds to my arm weight training and 10 pounds on all the leg weight training machines. I'm hoping this will make a difference.

    But I can tell you that I feel sooooooooo much better. My panties are still sliding a little over my thighs :bag:(I'm determined to hold out until June to buy new panties and bras since I'm going to be at this for awhile and don't want to buy every time I go down one size) and I feel stronger in my upper body.

    Next Monday I'll get the gals at the gym (I go to an all woman gym thank goodness) to do my measurements. It will be four weeks of working out and I am interested to see the inches vs the pounds.

    I've decided to start graphing the inches and the pounds. I'm a real visual person and I think this will be beneficial to me. That, along with the writing down everything I eat will keep me busy!

    So, not a great week weight loss wise, but I'm excersising and eating right. It's getting a little easier.

    What's going on with you? :you_go_girl:

  2. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    LDM, considering that you were on vacation and didn't gain is a big success.

    I'm making progress. I'm happy with it so far. Hopefully I can stay on an even keel now that I'm close to where I should be weight wise. I still have to tone up but all in good time. I find I'm more easily tempted now that I fit in my jeans again than when I was reaching for that goal.

    Good luck to all of you who are reaching to improve the quality of your life.
  3. Wiped Out

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    LDM-You are doing terrific! The graphing is a good idea because then even when the scale doesn't show a loss you can see how you are doing.

    Fran-Glad you are making progress. I think it does sometimes get harder once we get close to or actually at our goal weights.

    I'm still struggling but am trying to cut myself some slack. I'm doing what I can exercise wise-but some nights I just don't have the energy and I need to realize that is o.k. I"m still doing well, overall, on the exercise front. For some reason the eating is hard-lately I am really having a hard time controlling what I eat. I don't want to damage all my hard work in the last year so I need to get this under control. Somehow I will!
  4. KTMom91

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    I don't dare get on a scale right now. We have a gym membership, and I was so good during January...then I got that disgusting flu. That took care of February and most of my stress level is going off the charts and I'm having major motivational difficulties. I'm just trying not to overeat, and I make an effort to move around at work. Hopefully I'll get to the gym tomorrow...
  5. scent of cedar

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    Dwelving in to say that all is going well.

    Little slip here, little slip there, but steady on course since January.

    What DOES rhyme with twelve, anyway....

  6. Star*

    Star* call 911

    WEll I am so happy for all of your successes - and continued work.

    I have been doing this 12 weeks. I kept a pretty accurate account of what I have been doing/exercising/eating.

    I have only lost a little water weight in the beginning. Thinking this was me getting into old clothes has been depressing, but I kept with the group holding out for continued health.

    When you have been doing lifestyle change, exercise for 12 months with no change - I think it's time to see the doctor. I fit 10 out of 12 things for thyroid problems. I've been battling the weight and unhealthy feelings for 4 years. Time for a change. And I'm not just FAT or cheating on my diet. I can not loose weight.

    I did go get my prescription of water pills filled. So that's been helping maintain the Puff the tragic dragon look. (exhales flames)

    I am very happy that I have a support system here. Without you I think I would have given up long ago. It would be bad and good to find out that I'm just having thyroid problems....but...have to wait for insurance - so I'm maintining for one more month and I got a Slim in 6 video workout DVD.


  7. Star*

    Star* call 911



    WAITING TO HEAR! Showcase is a HUGE deal are you a bronze.
  8. LittleDudesMom

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    Ok, here's the deal. If your body is healthy and working correctly this should be the motto:

    "If you put in more than you put out, you'll put on."

    Now, if you are exercising regularly, cutting your caloric and fat intake, upping a little on the fiber, and drinking your water and still not loosing any weight, I think it's time to visit with the doctor. It makes no sense that you are doing everything right without results.

    Please have the doctor check your thiroid and general counts.

  9. Star*

    Star* call 911


    That's what is so confusing. I mean I haven't (except at easter the dove rabbit was too much) but I have maintained under 1200 calories, and while it's not a ton of exercise - 20 mins a night on the gazelle or walking 1 mile briskly -

    I don't get it either.

    I'm trying not to get discouraged. And stay on track and not go OH well -lah T dah then eat.

    Even my snacks are healthy - for crying out loud - I'm appled and yogurted to death -a nd it's the low cal no sugar yogurt.

    It MUST be the evil apple.....said Eve.

  10. Loving Abbey 2

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    Glad to hear everyone is doing well.

    Star-hang in there!!

    I haven't lost any weight this week, but I did not gain any either. I think I need to put my excerise into a higher gear. Right now it's kind of low, but I wasn't doing anything at all before I started this 3 1/2 weeks ago. Now, to find the time.... I did get a belly dancing exercise video at the local dollar store, so I'm going to try to get the motivation to give that a try.

    As for the mental health, when I am not re-reading the explosive child, I am reading this book my therapist recommended about healing your inner child. It's for adults who had a dysfunctional childhood. And it's nice to read someting to help me, not to help difficult child or me as the mom of a difficult child. I've had a few "Ah Ha" moments so that's good. difficult child is having a tough time, but I'm really telling myself it's not my fault and it's going to be okay.

    So it's a good week. I hope everyone keeps up the hard work!! Good for you!!
  11. SRL

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    I posted earlier last week that I'd really been struggling to get jump started, was carbo craving, and feeling sluggish. I hopped on the scale and the upshot, I am sorry to say, was that I gained 10 pounds since the beginning of the year. When I say sluggish, I mean it. difficult child was home sick the week before spring break and I should have accomplished a ton and I did nothing but sloth around.

    However, last weekend somewhat of an explanation started falling into place. I had some weird throbbing in my foot which my chiropractor and gp couldn't decide the source of so I'm going without the new orthodic I'd been working to break in and the doctor changed my blood pressure medication. Within a few days I realized that the original medication had been making me feel sluggish, and in turn I was craving carbs. I'm not totally satisfied with this new medication but in terms of body and weight it's an improvement.

    The more I thought on it, the more I think I've been blasted by a number of factors since the beginning of the year: blood pressure so high I didn't want to start exercising until brought under control, serious neck pain and first real migraine, stopping hormone replacement because of the blood pressure, my period not returning in that time. Lots of changes, and not one of them working in my favor in terms of weight loss.

    Anyway, I dumped 6 of the pounds already this week, ate better, and pulled out my Pilates beginners tape twice so hopefully I'm finally on board.
  12. trinityroyal

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm glad to see that we're all hanging in there, celebrating victories and dealing with the challenges that have come our way. You're all making tremendous progress and I'm proud of all of you.

    I am still struggling with emotions and spirit. While husband was away visiting difficult child and Little easy child was staying with relatives, I started to work on the emotional exercises that my therapist gave me. I gave it a go, but when I started to feel the overwhelming rush of emotions I had to step back from it. It feels like walking to a cliff edge, and I get vertigo.

    I'm terrified of letting myself go, that if I let it all loose, my mind will just break into tiny pieces and I'll never be able to find them all or put them back together. I know that if I want to stop carrying around this baggage for the rest of my life, I need to put the bags down, open them up and look inside them...but I'm scared.

    I tell myself that the time I'm taking to sort out my head is time that I can better spend working and putting food on the table. While husband is still out of work, I feel the need to rack up as many overtime hours as I can to make sure that our bills are covered. It's all excuses, though. If I can find the time to read a book or knit a sweater, I can certainly find the time to work on my emotional health. I guess what it boils down to is...I'm just scared.

    As for dance class, I'm having such a good time.
    My teacher arranged for the head instructor to evaluate me and decide whether I could be in the next Showcase. The HI doesn't think I'm quite ready yet, so he wants to wait until the next one in the summer. But...the HI has agreed to take over my classes, and start teaching me himself. The HI is the one who teaches the dance teachers at the studio, so I feel pretty darn good that he wants to work with me.

    Frankly, I'm relieved about the show. I didn't feel that I was ready yet, and now I have the time to train and prepare properly. When the next Showcase comes up, I WILL have pictures, and I will make sure that they give me a dress with LOTS of spangles and sequins on it!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

    Please send me strength while I keep unpacking my baggage. I've been keeping a lot of detritus in there that just needs to get cleared out.

  13. LittleDudesMom

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    SRL, glad that your health is heading back in control. Six pounds in one week! That is proof you shouldn't have been carrying that around!!! Pop that tape in today!

    Trinity, fear. Fear is a motivator and a paralyzer. It is fear that I think kept me from really working on myself. It is fear that keeps you from doing the same. It's understandable. Coming here and talking about it has to help. If we can help you unpack, let us know.

    It's great to hear you all sharing.