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    Hubby worked late and is cranky, Miss KT is being goofy, Buddy is wearing a plastic cone on his head, and I'm getting tired of all three of them.

    Hubby is watching some Sci-Fi thing and fussing at the dog, while Miss KT is on the computer and trying to talk to me over Hubby's head. He gets snippy, she gets sarcastic, the dog acts like he no longer understands basic commands, and I just want to read my book. Miss KT decides it would be a good idea to text me about her irritation with Hubby's behavior. Trouble is, I'm just as irritated.

    I finally asked her (in text form) what I should do about this, and that I can't fix it. She responded," Why not? You're WonderMom! It's kinda like Wonderbra. It's a good support system and keeps things in place."

    I don't know if I've been promoted or demoted.
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    I nearly choked on my pepsi. LOL

    I hate it when the house is like that and all I want is peace and quiet. And then my adult kids and husband expect me to referee between the 3 of them. Uh, no. Settle it yourselves.

    Hope they've gone to bed and you've got some quiet now.