I've Got a Numb Skull!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, May 12, 2010.

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    For a few hours yet, anyway.

    husband drove me to see my pain doctor for a procedure today. They shot a numbing agent and a steroid into my head around the nerve that run on each side up the back of the head. It is supposed to help get rid of the "tension" headaches that happen so often.

    The nerve was VERY sensitive. All the while they were doing it I felt an electric sort of sensation shoot down my back. It was very strange feeling and not fun. But it ended shortly after they were done.

    It feels very strange, esp if I move my hair much. But I can already feel some relief!!:D

    If you suffer from tension headaches it often is because the occipital nerves are inflamed and irritated. At least according to my doctor - but he is excellent.

    So for a few more hours I am a numbskull, LOLOL~~ (JK)

    husband drove me, he is feeling MUCH better today. Though when we went to Sam's I wouldn't let him pick anything up with that arm. He says thanks for the good thoughts!
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    Hope the pain stays away!
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    I just thought it was a strange sensation. No headache today. I have spent all my life with several different types of headaches = migraine, tension/stress, caffeine, cluster migraines, and more. Some of my early memories are of being snuggled or given head rubs because my head hurt. Or having teachers and other parents tell me I couldn't be having a headache as children don't get them. I have seen over a dozen neurologists and many other docs for these.

    This is the FIRST time anyone said the headaches could be caused by nerve problems in the two nerves on the back of my head. I have rubbed and put hot packs on that general area all my life. 4 decades of it. Nerve problems have been diagnosis'd in many other places, but the docs never thought of this.

    I was able to sleep for 6 hours with-o waking up because my head hurt when I moved. This is an AMAZINGLY long stretch of sleep for me. I usually wake every couple of hours because I move and my head hurts. So far, so good. I will post in a week or two to let anyone with chronic headaches know how it works. It may be something that some of you want to ask your docs, or your kid's docs about. It is supposed to help the tension headaches and help prevent the migraines that sometimes tension headaches become.
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    I'm so happy to hear you're finally getting some relief and much needed sleep!