J Has a Doctor!!

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by susiestar, Dec 29, 2016.

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    J finally has a doctor!! The doctor is female and seems very very good. Passed each of our tests and that is very reassuring. She seemed horrified that four past docs have told J to just take 5 aleve 3 times a day along with 2 tylenol rather than having her see an ortho for her knee or having her see someone for migraines. Yes, over five years and this has been the ONLY treatment any doctor has given her for this. The epilepsy has been going on longer and the only treatment has been 'well, some people just do this. Don't learn to drive. Don't go for walks alone." Every pediatrician neuro practice dismissed us with that advice.

    This doctor actually did BLOOD WORK and then worked on a topically applied anti-inflammatory medication for her knee. Seeing as how my husband has often thought that J has put eye makeup on herself to make it look like a bruise, then felt awful when it doesn't wash off, something needed to be done. Aleve just isn't enough, not even at those levels. I get so tired of seeing my kid hurt constantly.

    Luckily, J's blood work is normal. Her kidneys, liver, everything is working fine. She has referrals to an ortho and to a neuro (same one I am seeing that I love). I am so pleased. It was a lot of work to find a doctor who would see us, and I think I made six calls to each of the doctors in our town, and I called at least 30 docs in a city 90 min away, just to find a primary care doctor for her. But finally one accepted her and we got into the appointment!!!! And it was good!

    Thank you to all who gave us good thoughts and prayers!!
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    It's about time, dear. I'm so glad!!!
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    Awesome news.
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    That's great news! And a long time in coming!