J melt down...not good


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J frantically called husband's cell today. He didn't answer the first 2 times as we were watching a movie. The 3rd time was...well, let's say less than pleasant.

J was obviosly doing something. I don't know if it was drugs or alcohol, but he was really messed up. I have to say that husband handled it well. He was firm and finally hung up on him. He's now out of the sober house...couldn't keep drug free, and is now back at a homeless shelter. He says he can't do day labor because it is beneath him.

I understand it would be very hard to get a job when you get out of prison, but you have to take what is offered...at least for a start. He won't.

Oh...the road we continue.



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Where's that icon of the guy running his head into the wall over and over again? Sounds like it would be fitting. :hammer:
{{{Hugs}}} You have my sympathies.


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Sorry you have to deal with this....
Hope someday soon J can figure out his life....

Stay strong, sending good thoughts for you and husband...


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/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/919Mad.gif Pretty awful that he couldn't make it very long without drugs. His prison time taught him nothing.
It's a disappointment. Sorry.


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I'm glad husband was firm. I know that is difficult for him.

I'm sorry that nothing seems to have changed.



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<font color="blue">oh, abbey. sitting here shaking my head.

glad husband stood his ground & didn't get sucked in.

kris </font>


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I'm sorry, Abbey. It is so disappointing when they are given a new start in life, but still can't get it together. I'm glad husband was able to stand firm.

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Abbey, I'm so sorry. It must be so disappointing wondering if J will ever turn around. At least your husband has decided not to bring J home or go live with him in an apartment, right??



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prison does not make them better. they hate it but they are still the same person inside. there is no rehab there, no education in their problems. most cases it is a holding tank and out comes the same person again. J needs major support. he is weak and his weakness causes him to give up. we cannot expect him to do well miraculously when his history is that he turns to drink or drugs when stressed.

God be with J and also all your family.


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Sorry you are going through this. I guess he isn't ready yet, and I'm glad husband stood his ground. I think he shouldn't accept his phone calls for awhile. Maybe just let them go to voicemail, so if it's an emergency he can hear about it, but not just the ranting and ravings when he feels like calling.


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I'm sorry he is no longer in the soberhouse and is using again. I can understand you being terribly disappointed, and that hurts.

Hopefully something someday will click and he will want to turn his life around.