Janet...I called Jamie tonight

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mstang67chic, Jun 18, 2009.

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    And I think my ear is numb! That boy can TALK!!! LOL The board was mentioned a few times and I was laughing so hard at his comments my stomach is going to hurt tomorrow!!

    Now....let me see if I can remember all of what was mentioned.

    Your husband needs to retire and you both need to move in with Jamie so he can keep an eye on you and take care of you.

    We (the board in general) got him a ton of push ups when he was in boot camp because of all of the cards everyone sent him. (He thought it was really nice but it did earn him some extra pushups and razzing)

    I am definately NOT going to go into animal control as there is no way in HADES I want to go into someone's house and pull a 7 1/2 foot snake out of their kitchen cupboard. I'm country enough to do the job but not THAT country.

    Haillie is now fascinated by snakes. She will touch/pet them and try to chase one down on her own if she spots one. (Yes, Jamie told her not to. It's only ok to touch them if Daddy is holding it.)

    New deputies that wear face masks around a dead body don't do anything but trap the smell close to their nose. (referencing that call you told us about with the dead woman and her dog)

    He is drooling at the idea of working in an area that only has 14 full time deputies. (That's what my county has)

    Billy is going to be the next Bill Gates.

    One of his dogs knows the appropriate room in his house in which to defecate but she did it beside the toilet instead of in it. Also, if you don't get up to let them out soon enough, they will show you exactly WHY they want out and they will demonstrate this right by the door.

    Jamie and I also have the same types of dogs. We each have a JackRat and pit mix.

    Oh and we both have a slight potty mouth. :bigsmile:

    Somewhere in there we did manage to discuss the reason I called him and thank you again for his number. He gave me some good ideas.
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    Did you use the name "Scott" in any subliminal messages while you were talking to him? :tongue:
  3. mstang67chic

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    *scuttling backwards* Oh uh-uh....nope...no way! I'm so not going near that!

    Um...actually that DID come up but Jamie started it, not me. I'll PM you Janet.
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    Well I didnt say he wasnt funny...lol.