Jess and Falling

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. susiestar

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    Jess did not take her medications on time this am. She put them down and forgot them. Took them hours late.

    At choir this evening she fell. SWEARS it was because someone left a book on the stairs.

    She told a parent, BUT NOT the parent in charge or choir director she had to go home.

    I called her Gma, Gpa was picking her up.

    Dad knew because she called him so he wouldn't go pick her up. (He usually does)

    She has a cell phone. Ran out of batteries, though it ws supposed to get charged before she went anywhere.

    I am very frustrated. Had a VERY scary half hour trying to make sure she was safe.

    I want to rip her head off and chew her into tiny little pieces.

    But, she did at least tell someone. Choir is not known for communication. At least among the adults.

    She is clearly in pain.

    But she has SOOO many falls. It just seems very very strange to me.

    The neuro told us a few months ago that she was stable. A 6 hour sleep deprived EEG showed no seizures.

    She has been taking her medications on a very strict schedule, until today.

    I don't know if it is puberty, her, carelessness, distraction or seizures. I have never heard of a child with this many falls who is so athletic and graceful.

    She has until Thursday. And we are not babying it. Period.

    Practice for a big soccer tournament is on Thurs. If she skips it I will strangle her.

    Sigh. Thanks for the vent.

    Any practical advice on a child who falls over nothing but is very graceful most other times???

  2. mrscatinthehat

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    I am trying to think (not always an easy task). Does she have a focus problem and that may be why she falls. That she is trying to do too much.

    I know easy child is a wonderful athlete here but darn if she doesn't distract herself at other times and just falls for seemingly no reason. In her case it is just plain ole not paying attention to her surroundings.

    Not sure if that helps but I do know my easy child does this (and as far as I know it is nothing medical). Just scatterbrained.

  3. Star*

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    I am baring a little bit of my soul here for the sake of your sanity. I am 43. I am a life long, off-balance(don't say it), klutz. I'm not prone to seizures, I'm not a medicine induced faller, I'm not distracted, I'm not sick (don't say it) -

    I am a bonafide klutz.

    I danced classical ballet since I can't remember. My Mother sitting in the hall of the dance studio met a new mother excited over the prospect of her daughter being a ballerina. She watched me dance, looked at my mother and said "She's so graceful, did ballet make her that way?" and my Mother said "Ballet made her fall more gracefully." THAT is the truth. I can swan dance out of most imbalances. You would think at my age that I had palsy of some kind. I drop things, I can't hold things, I bend over to get them, I hit my head. I've just accepted that I am off balance(do not say it).

    As I've gotten older? It's a little less, but if someone is going to fall at an event it could be me. I fall off clog shoes. I have lax ankles so I chalk it up to genetics.

    Maybe its (hopefully it's) nothing.

    Deep thinking people - can ONLY do so many things at a time. I don't and never will talk on a cell phone in a car for the simple reason I'm not that mature.

    Hope this helps soothe your nerves.

    I'm sorry she fell - hope she's okay

  4. Big Bad Kitty

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    Tink falls on flat ground. While standing still. I swear.

    She'll be standing there and all of a sudden down she goes.

    She still falls out of bed, she trips over paper clips, she's a mess.

    They say it's a growth spurt. Maybe Jess is having one?
  5. Hound dog

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    Maybe Jess has hit that gangly age where their arms and legs don't quite do what they want them to do? I vaguely recall a few friends as a kid who had the problem when they did a huge growth spurt right about her age.

    A child who was never clumsy and was suddenly falling ALOT would worry me, especially if I couldn't find a logical reason.

    Now, Travis was never graceful. He could trip over his own toes walking down the sidewalk and often did. But at about 13-14 I saw his "normal" clumsiness develope into outragious clumsiness overnight.

    He not only tripped and fell more often, even if there was nothing to trip over. He constantly crashed his bike, walked into walls, crashed into people....

    Finally I couldn't stand it and got him back to the neuro. Neuro did a MRI to be safe along with the EEG. Turned out his medications needed a serious increase. I don't recall whether it was hormone related or if his body had just grown used to the medication to the point it wasn't working well for him anymore.

  6. totoro

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    N runs into Air... she falls sitting down... seriously she will just fall over sometimes. Yet she is agile,athletic, has tested above her age in Occupational Therapist (OT) is "normal" according to everyone.... yet she falls, stumble and trips...

    I am sorry and hope Jess heels quickly...
  7. susiestar

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    Thanks all.

    We are going to be hauling out my old catchphrase for being in public: Be Aware Of Your Surroundings. (Coined after difficult child bumped thank you and they knocked over a BIG display at the grocery store.

    Some of it is distraction. I have not seen a growth spurt. The docs all say she is pretty much done growing. Even the ortho (who thought she was older) said the growth plates were closing, based on what he saw on xray of her arm.

    I know that the falling was one of the symptoms that got us in to the neuro in the first place. The pediatrician and psychiatrist all wanted to believe it was ADHD. And falling can be part of that.

    This is a strange fall, with very little attempt made to catch herself. Not what I see in other times.

    Maybe the puberty hormone regulator has had it's alarm buzz for that unschedulable disruption of every system the kid has.

  8. mom_to_3

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    It could be anything, but have you had her vision checked recently? Not just her vision, but check to see if her depth perception is off. I have this problem and have to be extra careful not to fall. Just a thought.