Jessie and Soccer!!!

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    Jessie is back in soccer this season. She had to sit out a season until she was stabilized, so she is thrilled to be playing again.

    Her coach is a parent of one of the kids. He is truly amazing. He played pro soccer in England, is a high school teacher, and just pulls the best out of the kids. They truly function as a TEAM, in the best sense of the word. And they are truly nice, KIND young ladies. The coach said in the parent meeting that he plays to win, because that is more fun, but he realizes that they are kids and need to learn other things about sports. And he has a wodnerful English accent!! His wife is a total sweetie also.

    Today was the 2nd game. I missed the first, but they won. They won again today, 8-0!!!!! Against a school from the town that is a big rival to our town (college rivalries seem to extend to all levels in University towns!). The girls on the other team were such poor sports, it was sad. Our girls didn't take any static, but they were genuinely nice to the girls after the game and even during the game when the other team was yelling nastiness to them.

    I am PROUD PROUD PROUD of my Jessie. She played the entire second half without much more than a chance at timeouts to take a drink of water!! She is a defender and helped stop several goals.

    Just wanted to share, I am kinda bubbling about it. The difference between the two teams was startling when you listened to them.

    It really takes skill and talent to be able to stay kind and polite while you are not letting the other team have a chance to score.

    Hope you all had good days too!

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    Glad she had such a good day. I know that makes you feel good too.

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    :bravo: to the coach!

    :bravo: to the team as a whole!

    :bravo: to Jessie for playing so hard and long!