Johnny Appleseed festival


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Hey all! If any of you has ever heard of Johnny
Appleseed, there is a festival in Fort Wayne, Indiana
every year (this weekend this year). If you ever get
the chance to go, do it! I went for the first time
today (lived the next county over my entire life and
have never been lol) It was awesome! Tons of people
and a huuuuuuuge event but lots of neat stuff, good
food and an all out good time. I spent about 4 1/2
hours there today with my step mom, brother and one of
my sisters and I'm whupped!!!

scent of cedar

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I love the Fall Festivals!

There is an apple festival here held in a little town on the shores of Lake Superior as the leaves are changing color.


Everything smells fresh and crisp and like...apples! You can buy any kind of apple (or maple syrup) product imaginable.

When the kids were little, we would go to the apple orchards and buy apples and drink cider and ride horse-drawn wagons.

From almost anywhere, you can see the lake. It was wonderful!

And the goofiest festival here (also in a little TINY town on the shores of Lake Superior ~ it's a big lake) was the Pumpkin Festival. That one is held later in the Fall. One of the things they do is catapult pumpkins into the water. It sounds so goofy?

:bravo: (That's me, cheering.)

But man, we had a good time!

I am glad you were able to go to the Festival!

I love things like that!



call 911
I love Apples....McIntosh Apples....yum.

I love fall festivals too!

Hope you had a good time.
- Jealous Star :sad: