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    I've decided that my goal for this year is to get my weight back down to where it was before I was pregnant with easy child. I lost much of it when she was born, but I still need to lose 10-15lb. I had worked really hard to get down to that weight before by losing 35lb, so I know I can do it. Even so I need to fix a lot of bad eating habits I picked up while pregnant...
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    Gosh that sounds kinda bad doesn't it?

    I'm a looser too! lol
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    LOL - it sounds awful - like that show The Biggest Looser :wink:
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    I haven't seen the show per se, but I saw the couples on there and thought 'I WISH'.

    Don't forget to check in with the weekly check in here - it's awesome to see how many people have gotten on the track with this.
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    Hey PE!! I just wanted to say 1) congratulations for already losing most of the baby weight and
    2) congratulations just for having another little one!!!!! My little girl wanted to be held all the time, still does, and she's almost two! So sweet though. I love having a little girl. I wanted a boy when I was pregnant, but I'm very happy I was wrong. She's so much fun, so girly! Do you have the boppy seat? It was one of my very favorite things and enabled me to put her down for at least a few minutes. Had to be careful she couldn't wiggle out of it or that the seat was too high though.

    Sorry to change the topic to babies so I'll get back to weight loss...good job on seeking the motivation to lose that last 10-15 lbs!!! I wish that was all I needed to lose, but slow and steady...
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    I'm glad you're joining us!!! I think having the right frame of mind is so important to a healthy lifestyle. Thinking about what I just wrote, I had to laugh - It's such an understatement! :hammer: The fact that you're joining us means that you're definitely on your way to becoming a healthier and slimmer you...

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    Way To Go on already losing so much!

    I only wish I had done that when I had the kids way back Now I think I have full grown children hidden inside me!

    Also another congrats on that baby girl! I just love baby girls after raising my boys. I am finding this new generation of girly grand daughters so much fun!
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    Thanks for the congrats :smile: It took a long time to decide to go ahead and have a second. We actually looked at adoption very seriously as I had a rough pregnancy with my first. The only reason we didn't is that my inlaws are rather anti-adoption (taking on someone else's "problem"...). They are very involved in our lives, so we decided not to risk having them treat a second child diffrently than our first. I'm glad that we went ahead and had a second of our own though - she's the most adorable little gal :smile: The pregnancy was much easier this time around (although the labour was far more difficult...).

    Little easy child is getting better about always being held. My inlaws got her a rocking seat/chair (converts for when they get to be toddlers) that I plan to try out as soon as I can find my screwdriver to put it together... I have a tummy-time/back-time play thing that she is just beginning to enjoy too. The swing works well for while I am eating (especialy breakfast), but she only puts up with it for so long (unless she falls asleep in it). She is finally taking naps in her cradle now though which is a big help.

    I lost much of the weight from the first pregnancy quickly last time, but was injured when he was just over a year old and gained back everything weighing the same as I did at full term... This time I really want to get back to the weight I got to when I lost that excess weight three years ago.

    I will be doing this slowly as I am nursing and they say that if you loose weight too quickly it can hurt your milk production. My goal for this week is to keep track of what I am eating on paper. I found last time that it helped me to be aware of what is going in to my system so I would not accidentally overeat (bad for the munchies here...). I have also joined a mom-and-baby fitness group at our local wellness center, so hopefully I will get a bit more fit that way and maybe meet some other moms.