June gloom

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Californiablonde, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Californiablonde

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    Well here in good old sunny Southern California the weather has been pretty blah in the last week or so. The average temps have been in the upper sixties to lower seventies. It usually doesn't start really warming up here until early July so I'm sort of used to it. But what's really bringing me down is the lack of sun. Overcast weather can really do a number on my moods. Lately I have been feeling down and low energy and I think it's because of this **** weather. I checked the weather today and it says we are supposed to be cloudy with temps around 70 degrees all the way into the weekend. So I guess I won't be working on my summer tan anytime soon. Blah. So what's the weather like where y'all are from? I'm just curious to see what it's like elsewhere.
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    We're getting very stormy, dark, rainy weather with lightning, which is comiing from the Oklahoma area where there were severe tornados a couple of days ago.
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    Cooler temps here but some sun at least.

    Tip: Even with overcast skies........your mood will lift if you find some outside activities to do because of the sunlight that does manage to make it through the cloud cover.

    But I know what you mean. Too many cloudy days gets to me after a while. ugh
  6. Californiablonde

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    Was going to hit the pool this weekend but maybe I'll just take a walk instead. I need the excersise anyway. I don't mind it being cooler here in June cause that's what I've been used to but I just wish the sun would make an appearance sooner or later.
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    Overcast, some days of thunderstorms, mid 70s in the days, still having to turn on the heat at night sometimes. *sigh* No, I haven't fully adjusted to living up north. Last week I talked to my Dad, and he's all "Yeah, we had a cold front come through, the high is only 89, but my thermometer said 90." Thanks Dad.
  8. Dixies_fire

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    Mid seventies to eighties. It was not very warm on my birthday at all which always makes me sad.

    I lived in pa for 6 months during the winter and was suicidal. So I understand. Trust me!

    I want to go to the park this week, I've really been enjoying going two to 3 times a week and I fool myself into believing I am getting a little smaller with this slight increase in my activity level but in general I love to sweat and be hot in a pair of shorts in the sunshine. I'm from alabama so this say summer to me!
  9. Bunny

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    It's been HOT here since the middle of last week, but a storm front moved in and it's supposed to cool down to more seasonable temperatures this week. Mid seventies is what we're expecting.
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    High 90's...and supposed to be 107 this weekend.
  11. InsaneCdn

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    Dry and drier. Rain was in the forecast... weekly... for over a month. Maybe this week. Clouds come and go.
    But not hot. High 40s/low 50s in the morning, usually gets above 65 but that's not hot even for "here".
    Just hope this isn't the start of the next dust bowl.
  12. DammitJanet

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    I dont care what our weather is, we should be thankful we arent having all the storms and tornado's that are going through the country. I am so upset and sad about those storm chasers who lost their lives and the ones who got hurt. That is so sad.
  13. SuZir

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    You should really come here! Or in fact little north from us. We only have 80 F and little less than 19 hours a sunlight a day, but when you get up and enough above the polar circle, you would had had almost 90 F and sun shining 24/7 this last weekend ;) Now they seem to be more back to normal, sun still there 2477 but temperature has dropped.

    For me summer and June especially is not about warmth, this 80 F is already much hotter than I would prefer, it is about light. And that at least is reliable. We get paid back from all the fall and winter darkness with nights, that never get dark, just short twilight between sundown and sunrise every summer. And after the solemn winter summer is just so light and full of life that it feels a shame to waste even the moment for sleeping. And in fact me and most people I know do need less sleep during the summer. So right now I'm mostly enjoying the season of being whimsically alive!
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  14. Californiablonde

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    The kids' dad changed plans on me so I will be having easy child this weekend. difficult child is spending the weekend with my mom. I'm sure easy child will want to go swimming so I guess I will be at the pool after all. It's only supposed to reach a high of 70 on Saturday so I will take him swimming but at that temp I won't be wearing a bathing suit. I will be fully dressed sitting on a lounge chair reading a book. No early tanning for me. Maybe by the next weekend it will be warmer. I really want to get an early start on my tanning. I feel better with darker skin even though I know it's not exactly healthy to get too much sun. But it's only three months out of the year so I guess it's not too bad.
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    CB...suntanning is very bad for your skin :) Be careful!!

    Ok, so I'm from Wisconsin and it's been cloudy lately and cool, but I prefer it in the 70's. It's the lack of sun we get at times that I don't like so I have a sun lamp (for depression) during those times. It has been raining all week. Hope it clears up for the weekend. It's supposed to, but...you never know.