Just a curious bit of info....


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I was checking out the new layout of the site and I was checking all the members and I noticed that the majority of the ones I checked registered between 3 and 4 am.

Seems that we parents of difficult children are seeking help for them, and ourselves, in the wee hours of the morning. :shocked: I know I was.

Just thought I would share that little bit of info. :whew:


Sue C

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I know I would like to sneak onto the computer during the night because I can't sleep, but I know husband would want to know what I was doing. I know he wouldn't want me on the computer during the night. Just the way he is.



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I think that the reason everyone's registration is around 4 am is because that's when the old registrations were reentered after the last crash. I joined years before it shows I did but all the old registrations dates were lost.



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What about the weird posting times? Each message shows when it was posted, and for me it's showing MY time, here in Sydney, Australia. I thought it was somehow cleverly tracking the times when I post.

Bit of a nuisance, actually, because I have one of my computer clocks set to CD time. Currently, this is also still Dallas, Texas time. It's so I don't disturb too many of you when I post :wink: !

I posted on someone's thread at 3 pm today, my time, and guess what? That's when the site's clock says I posted! 3pm today! Freaky!


PS husband noticed that ALL my PMs which I've deleted have now reappeared. The lot! Pages and pages and pages and ...


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I know for a fact that I originally registered here in the early am hours.......probably alot of us have. Just part of the wonderful world of difficult child Wonderland :hammer: :smile:



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Marg, I don't know if this will help, but if you go into "My Stuff" and then "preferences", scroll down, you can adjust the "offset" hours to your clock.

Robby, Nancy is correct about the 4 am registrations and why so many of us have the same date and time.



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Well, I think it was very romantic to think of all of us burning the midnight oil to help our difficult children!

Usually though, when I worry about our difficult child, I stay in bed and repeat the Serenity Prayer until I fall asleep again.

When I post early in the morning?

That means I gave up and got up.

Everyone here has saved me, many a time.



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Suz, you said, "Marg, I don't know if this will help, but if you go into "My Stuff" and then "preferences", scroll down, you can adjust the "offset" hours to your clock."

I think you're right, it must have defaulted to this on my computer already. I specifically checked the time I posted on the "Good Morning Monday" thread and it's exactly the same time as it was on my computer clock. I think I'll have to change it to CD time, because I just can't handle this, I've gotten so used to mentally putting myself in the Texas timeframe for all my CD posts.

Rather sophisticated though, if it's defaulted to my time...