Just a Little Update - Lithium et all

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by jal, May 25, 2007.

  1. jal

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    Insurance agreed to pay for neuropsychologist testing! :smile: That will be in June. One thing that has finally gone right. No improvement on the Lithium though. We just increased the dosage again today, but have seen no real effect so far. 300mg in am and pm. I know it will take time but difficult child is driving us nuts. husband and I are splitting the work days because he is just not stable enough yet to go back to preschool/daycare. Who do you get to care for your difficult child in this situation? UGH. Very frustrating.

    Ok a tiny vent too!
  2. tiredmommy

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    That's good news about the neuropsychologist testing! Remember that it takes a full eight weeks for lithium to reach a therapeutic blood level. Remember that he needs lots of fluids, especially in this warm weather. As for childcare, you need to be creative. Keeping on as you are may be good an option until you get a clear picture on how the lithium will work as he will be most comfortable with you & husband. Other than that: a trusted family friend or a student studying Special Education may work. Good luck & keep us updated!
  3. SRL

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    Good news about the insurance coming through. Many of them will pay as long as you go through the proper referral channels.

    I'm sorry but home is the best place for young unstable difficult child's instead of additional stress of the daycare setting. Some parents have had to tap into family emergency leave.
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    I am sorry to hear that things are not calming down yet. I am right there with you with the lithium right now, if that is any comfort knowing you are not the only one. difficult child started a total of 300mg (150am, 150pm) 10 days ago. I am waiting for the psychiatrist to call about the first blood test and to see if the lithium will be upped. difficult child is doing better than he was in March/April but I think that it is just because seasonally things have changed.

    We have to be patient which is beyond hard and I hate it but what choice do we have.

    Hopefully lithium will help both boys.
    Bugsy's mom
  5. smallworld

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    Actually, it takes up to eights weeks at a THERAPEUTIC LEVEL for Lithium to take effect. The only way you will know your difficult child is at a therapeutic dose is through a blood level.

    Great news about the neuropsychologist evaluation.
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    It takes up to eight weeks on a therapeutic dosage. I'm familiar with Lithium. I took it. Has he had blood draws and levels taken? How long has it been? Seems like he's on a low dose. If it's ten days, that's WAY not enough time. Mood stabilizers work long term, but it takes a while to get there. You have to be patient or you'll never see the best results.
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    He had a blood draw 5/14 and he was at .45. The psychiatrist wants him to reach a theraputic level of 1.0. He had us increase. He is now at 300mg in am and 300mg in the pm and is going for a draw today. We will get the results at Thursday's appointment.
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    Thanks for the update. As you know I am especially interested right now because we are doing the same. difficult child first blood draw was .4 and we just upped to 450mg. We seem to be seing some help now. He has not raged or had a big meltdown in 1 week. Big deal these days! and he seems to be getting through things with a bit more ease. I hate even reporting things are a bit better because the minute I do it all goes to H-ll.

    Did you use ELMA cream for the blood draw? It worked great for my son.
    How are things with your guy?
    Fingers crossed!
    Bugsy's mom
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    He only has the cream one time last year in an unrelated blood draw. It does not phase him. My husband said he just sat there and watched the needle go in, not a flinch. Luckily, he handles it very well. Tonight we will see what the level is when we go to the psychiatrist appointment. I am glad you are seeing some relief. I am keeping my fingers crossed. difficult child went back to daycare for the first time in 3 weeks. We sent him for a 1/2 day only. He did well. Keep your fingers crossed I can have him back to full time by next week. I have to leave on a 9 day business trip to the west coast and husband can't take all that time off of work. UGH!