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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by KFld, Jun 11, 2007.

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    o.k. my elbow is feeling a little better after no computer use for the weekend, but I just had to write and tell you that what I have been waiting for for years may have finally happened. Out of wingnuts mouth herself, she tells someone she has no boyfriend!!

    My boyfriend's (yes that would be Lucy :smile: )son's girlfriend works at a liquor store that her family owns. She goes over my friends on Friday evening and tells her that they just hired a new girl who says she knows her. She describes her as blond, kind of chubby and draws her eyebrows on, so right away before she even says her name, Jill knows exactly who she's talking about. So they hired wingnut and she admits to knowing my best friend. Why she would do that I don't know. Did she think Jill would have good things to say about her. Anyway, Jill tells her they better get rid of her right away because she will rob them blind, but she didn't have to say anything anyway because the guy who owns the bakery next store that wingnut worked at and stole from last year came in and saw her working there and warned them.

    She then went on to tell Jill that she was getting to know her a little, before she knew who she was, and asked her if she had a boyfriend. She tells her that she doesn't have a boyfriend, THAT HE LEFT HER WHEN HE FOUND OUT SHE WAS PREGNANT!!! Of course she didn't say, he left me when he found out the baby wasn't his,and she has no clue who the father is, because that would have made her look bad.

    I'm just so thrilled that somebody heard out of her mouth that she doesn't have a boyfriend. My difficult child kept telling me he's not with her anymore and that he doesn't even talk to her, but I wasn't ready to believe it. I'm hoping they keep her on at the store long enough to get a little more dirt on her, but I would hate to see them keep her long enough to give her a chance to steal from them. They have been warned though, so that's up to them.

    So this news made my weekend and I just had to jeopardize my elbow for a minute to fill you all in.
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    Great news Karen! Hopefully wing nut has been dropped for good!!!
  3. KFld

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    It is great news because I really feel his remaining clean in the future will be a lot more possible once he's really finished with that chapter of his life.
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    "He left me when he found out I was pregnant?" How about "My baby daddy left me when our 'date' was over, and I can't remember what his name is."


    Glad to hear there's proof that your difficult child isn't seeing her. Too bad, so sad for her.

    Seriously, she does need a job. But a liquor store? I don't think so.
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    given time --I believe with all my heart our sons can make better choices of partners.
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    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: witzend</div><div class="ubbcode-body">"He left me when he found out I was pregnant?" How about "My baby daddy left me when our 'date' was over, and I can't remember what his name is."

    :rofl: </div></div>


    I just feel bad for the baby still. I wish she would be taken away from her and given to a family that could actually give her a chance in life. This poor child has no chance with her raising her. Sad, very sad.
  7. Suz

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    You're right about how sad this is for the baby, Karen. What lousy luck for that child to have her for a Mom.

    on the other hand, :bravo: :smile: :bravo: for her not claiming your son as her boyfriend!

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    I'm so glad, Karen.

    Like Forest Gump says, "Good! One less thing!"


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    Karen thats great!

    What ever happened to that new girl that DJ was interested in? Didnt they have a date or something?

  11. 1905

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    It sounds like shes difficult child (gone for good)! That's the best news ever! -Alyssa
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    Grace, he never went on the date. One of his roommates works with her at Friendlys and he was trying to fix them up and she started calling the roommate all the time instead :smile: He didn't seem to upset about it. He actually seems like he's find being on his own right now.

    Alyssa, I hope you are right!!!