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It's official. I've now gone a full year without a period. It's strange... I feel a sense of sadness. I'm not really sure why. I've reached menopause earlier than I ever thought I would.

I've found that even though I'm constantly excercising, I'm having more and more trouble keeping weight off. I'm beginning to get frustrated. I feel so ridiculous complaining about this. I've been away from this bb for awhile. As I'm just beginning to catch up, so many of you have been through so many much more difficult situations than this...

I've decided to take a bit of positive action. I'm going to look into several health clubs in my area and join one of them. I used to belong to one of them and really got into it. The problem was that I became too wrapped up in difficult child issues and work. By the time I could get to the gym, I was just too exhausted. So for Christmas gifts, husband got me a treadmill one year and an elliptical another year.

I still plan on doing most of my aerobic exercise at home or running outside when the weather is good. However, I think that the only way I'm going to do any weight training at all, is if I join a health club. Besides, I really need a social outlet. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a prison cell surrounded by difficult children...

To be honest, I think that at least half the reason I want to join a health club is because I need to escape from my difficult children. husband plays golf, attends at least one social event every month with "the guys", and goes to a local social club regularly. I'm always stuck at home with the difficult children. I feel so socially isolated at times!!!

I'm going to talk to husband. He is going to have to be home more. I really need more time away from home. I really do feel like I'm sufficating...

Thanks for letting me vent. I feel like I need something more out of life. My difficult children are really getting to me... WFEN

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My best friend, whose daughter is a major difficult child with autism and more, joined a gym in January and it has been wonderful for her. She's met a lot of women she shares very special friendships with and she's doing something for herself, outside of difficult child-world, she's gotten in shape and just feels much better about herself. Plus, she finds she has more patience with her daughter these days, so that's an added plus too!

I think it will do wonders for you - best of luck with it!


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I joined a gym recently myself. First time. I could never do it being a single mom. They only had babysitting at the gym during the day - I was working then.

I love it! The only negative I find is that it takes a lot of time. It means I get home with an hour & 1/2 less to relax at night or get chores done. Very time consuming. Sounds like just what you need though! LOL!



It sounds like just what the doctor ordered. What did husband say about being home more to give you a break?

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Sounds like a great plan to me! I honestly don't think I could deal with difficult child with-o my workouts. It gives me such a positive outlook when I'm done with-my workout! You go girl!!!!!!!!! :smile:

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Sounds like a great plan. I used to walk up to 6-8 miles a day to "escape" the gfgdom. It was wonderful. Got me a treadmill and will be getting back into my routine soon. (school kinda threw me outta whack) :smile: husband's even talking about joining me. lol

As for weight loss and menopause..... You might find you won't get so frustrated if you aim for "healthy" instead of the weight loss. It takes us longer to shed the pounds. :smile:


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HOW WONDERFUL that you are taking care of YOU!!!!! Congratulations!!!! I am very proud of you.

I will celebrate by curling a 3lb box of cupcakes to my mouth.
Lifing an oreo into a tall glass of ice cold milk and
Pushing myself into the Krispy Kream for just ONE hot glazed doughnut.

Then I'll plug in the Zoomba to the DVD and watch it because I asked for it,,,and got it in total spanish. SOmeone was NOT watching the lable. Ole~



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Ramble away. Know how you feel.

I'm glad you're taking care of yourself. The gym sounds like an AWESOME idea. Hmm, I'm with Starb, though ~ I'll help curl cupcakes while you're working out LOL!

Truthfully, if you can drag my tail out with you, I'd go along. Might be a long ride to pick me up though.


You nkow I got a membership last february and maybe have managed to get there 5 times since then. The other day I finally decided to go after I got up. Trying to change my routine. And what do I do? Hurt my hip and back. Be careful. I know I over did it going in trying to do everything after doing nothing. I understand your need to ramble about it. Not only are things in life chaotic but so are body issues.



Is THAT why I put on so much weight recently? I have been struggling with that since my hysterectomy. I DO belong to a health club. Did really good for a few years (5 years ago) Now I find the same excuse. Wrapped up in difficult child/work issues.

Finally decided two weeks ago I had to do this. Went to the club at 4:30 am on my days off. The pool was closed for two weeks (annual cleaning), and after one week of the gym...they closed the whole facility for a week.(annual cleaning/repair). so..I suffered through the soreness, and will have to start all over again.

So..keep me informed on your progress. I need motivation!
busywend, Way To Go :bravo:!!! I'm really glad your enjoying it. I think it's one of the best things we can do to keep ourselves healthy and SANE!!! You're right - I definitely need less time to "relax"(:rofl:)at home!!!

Heather, The first words out of husband's mouth were, "What about the equipment in the basement? This could be expensive!!!" I let him have it - I told him that it is something I NEED just the way he NEEDS his golf, social club, and various days and nights out with "the guys". If he wants a semi-sane wife, he needs to be home more... He knows I'm right. He'll be home more and I'm going to get my time at the gym. END OF DISCUSSION!!!

Sharon, You are such a positive role model for me. No matter how busy you are, you take care of yourself!!! Way To Go :bravo:!!! You're right - I don't think I could handle my difficult children without exercise either!!!

Lisa, I'm happy you're going to get into your routine soon!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! Thanks for the tip regarding menopause... I'm going to have to readjust my way of thinking if I'm going to be happy... This isn't easy for me to do. I've always worked hard to stay in shape. I know this is just me being too hung up on my appearance, but sometimes I feel like this is the only thing I have control over...

Star, Thanks for the laugh!!! I LOVE reading your posts!!! No matter how bad things are, you always make me laugh!!! Oh, by the way, if you're going to celebrate for me, please do it with lots of CHOCOLATE!!! And I mean LOTS!!! And it has to be milk chocolate - anything else is just a poor substitute!!!

Janna, I wish you lived closer!!! I'de love to go to the gym with you!!! And, like I said to Star, if you're going to celebrate for me, make sure you do it with MILK CHOCOLATE!!!

Beth, I hope you're hip and back are feeling better soon!!! I hope you're able to get back to the gym once you're feeling better!!! Thanks for the tip - I have a tendancy to over do it when using weights. That is one reason why I need to use them in a gym and not at home.

Kjs, You can do this!!! I can tell how determined you are - Honestly, I don't think I could make it anywhere at 4:30 a.m. - especially NOT the gym!!! I'll let you know how things go once I get started. I think getting started is the hardest part... We can do it!!!

Everyone, Thanks for all of the support!!! WFEN :smile: