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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by klmno, Jan 24, 2008.

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    In a previous thread I referred to a child who has autism doing some things that need redirection in difficult child's class. I was upset and said "then why can't they redirect my difficult child". I keep feeling guilty that in the context I wrote this, it might have come across like I didn't think the other boy should be given these accommodations. I just wanted to clarify that he most definetly should be given accommodations- and what goes through my mind is wondering how musch the parents have had to go through to get the school to do it. This sd has been sued before, and lost, because they wouldn't accommodate a student with autism. I stand behind those going through it. My resentment is not in any way toward that student or family or anyone who at school who makes those accommodations for him. My issue is with those in the sd who won't make the accommodations without being sued and having lost.

    Just had to relieve my nagging thought that this might have been interpreted in a different way than I meant it-

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    your such a good person. i think we all may do that sometimes and wonder if it was misinterperted. i did same today, some had responded to post i had written they were only concerned but i was responding while at office so response was short and to the point. later someone else posted pls. don't think we're judging you and then i realized my short post came off the wrong way and i'm telling you i literally obsessed about it all the way home on train tonight because i felt so so bad......

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    Well! I was offended - NOOOOOTTTTTT! Listen, when I see posts like these I have to smile. Look at how much we tell each other not to feel guilty about feelings that we have in a pinch, a hard time or just when we're ticked off, but then we're making sure we didn't insult anyone!

    I LOVE the people on this forum. And I swear that the Dear Lord has been laughing up his sleeve by gracing us with these "gifts" and then throwing in an extra cup of guilt for some added giggles!

    Get some rest, ignore the guilt and geer up for the thrashing we want to hear that you gave that knuckleheaded principal!

    Still in the KLMNO cheering section!
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    I saw your original post, but I never got the thought that you felt your son should have got the help at the other boy's expense. I just saw it as, "They can help this kid, why can't they help my soon too? Why help one and not another who seems similar?"

    Don't fret it. If anyone misunderstood and thought you were a horrible person, they'd have said something.

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    I read the post the same way Marg did. Do you know this other boy's name? Would a chat with his mom/dad/whoever be enlightening? I think I would pull out the student directory or the phone book and try to find them. Might give you some ammo!!

    Hugs, sweetie!
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    I wasn't offended. You think they accomodated Lucas just because we asked them to? Noooooooooo. We had to call the Dept. of Public Instruction in Wisconsin to light a fire under their butts. Those parents obviously got a good IEP for thier child. "Autism" is one disability that the schools HAVE to accomodate. There is no choice (or so I was told). That includes Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)-not otherwise specified. I hear it's harder to get accomodations for Aspergers kids.