Just read a good book. You, too?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. DDD

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    Before I forget :redface: I want to recommend a book I finally read...it's been waiting since Chritsmas, lol. The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon (a Spanish author) really is worth a recommendation. It is a novel based in Barcelons that will keep your attention from start to end. At the back of the book, interestingly, are maps showing the locales included in the text. The reviews are outstanding and appropriate.

    Now, have you all read anything lately that you'd like to share? I always
    get such a great new list from the CD family readers. DDD
  2. AnnieO

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    Nevada Barr has a new one out that's pretty good... I can't remember the name of it though!

    I have the newest Vlad Taltos book by Steven Brust. Issola. If you're into D&D-type scifi, it's sweet. I've been reading this series since I was in high school...

    BFF and I joined forces and got The Lacuna and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver for H for her birthday. Kingsolver is a great author.

    ...And not too long ago I got the newest Diana Gabaldon book. But darned if I can remember its title either!
  3. JJJ

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    I just got The Shadow of the Wind . Glad to have another recommendation for it!

    Just finished:

    In a Perfect World -- 3 stars, good read, makes you think a bit

    Come Back -- 4 stars, written by a mother-daughter team after the difficult child daughter's time in an Residential Treatment Center (RTC)

    Push -- 4 stars, emotionally hard to read, about a girl who is molested by her father and mother since infancy through high school (the movie Precious was based on this book)
  4. muttmeister

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    I'm on book #22 since January 1. Some of the best ones:

    Jimi Hendrix Turns Eighty by Tim Standlin Great for people who lives through the 60s, although I was a little disappointed in the ending.

    The Scarpetta Factor by Patricia Cornwell Not sure I liked it as well as some of her earlier ones but I've read them all so had to do the newest in the series.

    Earlier I read True Compass by Teddy Kennedy. If you liked him, you'll like the book. If not, probably not.

    Also, for book club awhile back we read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows We all agreed that was the best book we'd read last year.

    Right now I'm reading The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath Don't know how I lived to be this old and never got around to reading it. I'm not done, but it's definitely a good one.
  5. DDD

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    Mutt, are you still on the tobacco wagon? That's an impressive number of books to read in such a short time! A couple of suggestions will go on my list for sure. DDD
  6. muttmeister

    muttmeister Well-Known Member

    Actually I haven't smoked since back in the 70s but I don't like most TV so reading is what I do at night.
  7. DDD

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    Oops. I was confused. Somebody in the family posted that they were reading back to back rather than smoking. Since I failed at my last try I'm trying to get inspired, lol. Stopping this time is even harder than it was when I quit thirteen years ago or so. :( DDD
  8. Fran

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  9. DammitJanet

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    DDD...let me give you a suggestion for something to try to stop smoking. I have just learned of it and am going to try them. ecigarettes. They come in non-nicotine cartridges and they are electric with no fire yet they blow water vapor and give you something to hold...lol. Jamie is trying them.
  10. Wiped Out

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    I just finished two really good books.

    *The Help-excellent book set in the 60s during the civil rights movement time. It's the story of a white journalist trying to get Black maids to talk about their experiences working for white women. For them to tell this story is very dangerous to the maids.

    *Hunger Games-My daughter, husband, and I all loved this book. It's the first in a trilogy. It's based in what was North America. It's now divided into 12 districts. Anyways, every year they have the "Hunger Games" a reality tv series where only one contestant can still be alive at the end. A real page turner.
  11. LittleDudesMom

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    Just read "Push" - saw the movie - the book was a difficult read because it was so honest.

    I also read "The Lovely Bones" which I enjoyed immensley.

    I finished the new Scarpetta novel by Patricia Cornwell (and must say it was probably my least favorite and I've been reading Cornwell since her first novel - set here in my town).

    I usually read two books at once. Kinda like changing the channel during the commercials!

    I just read the first few pages last night of the new Deepak Chopra book...we'll see....

  12. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Wiped out,
    "*Hunger Games-My daughter, husband, and I all loved this book. It's the first in a trilogy. It's based in what was North America. It's now divided into 12 districts. Anyways, every year they have the "Hunger Games" a reality tv series where only one contestant can still be alive at the end. A real page turner."

    I am definitely going to read this one. I have been telling my husband since we have started moving around the country that if loud, regional leaders continue to beat into people's head all the differences between one group of people or people from other parts of the country as undesirable that the US will end up split into separate countries like Europe. The more I move around, the more I find people have the same wants for security, jobs, education, peace but there are mouthpieces that keep the drumbeat of how others are the enemy. I hope at some point that the voice of sanity shouts out the voice of negativity and almost downright hate.
    Thanks for the recommendation.
  13. AnnieO

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    Wiped out - my Mom gave me "The Help". Think I'll start it today!!!
  14. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    I LOVE Shadow of the Wind!!! Awesome. I will read it again some day, just for fun. I love the idea that ea book has a spirit that is kept alive by the next person reading it. (Great ego trip for any author, LOL!)

    I just finished Tuesdays With Morrie. Great book. Moving, thoughtful, not overdone, and Frida Kahlo, a coffee table book. She was fascinating but quite odd. Can't quite get used to a bed with-a skeleton canopy. :)

    I am working on Asperger's From the Inside Out, by Michael John Carley, A Most Dangerous Method, The Story of Jung, Freud, & Sabina Spielrein, by John Kerr, Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling, by Ross King, Fear to Freedom, What if you did not have to be so afraid? by Rosemary Trible, and Mary Magdalene, by Ann Graham Brock.