"Just the bandaides in my mouth and puffy"

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Andy

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    difficult child and I spent the night in a hotel in the town where his oral surgery was this morning. We went to Meet Dave at a movie theater last night. That was a cute show with too much potty humor that got difficult child laughing. I then wanted to eat at Applebees but difficult child couldn't handle it so we just got an order of BBQ boneless wings to take back to the hotel.

    difficult child's anxiety has been builiding these past few days leading up to this. That is what was going on on Saturday. He has been so fidgety.

    Nothing to eat or drink after midnight and the "I am thirsty" started at 1:33 am "Mom, it isn't your fault if I die. You were just trying to get me to the surgery." "Let's forget that rule and let me have a drink." I think I should have gotten us separate hotel rooms - maybe even sepeate hotels? LOL I got a cold wash cloth for him to wash is face and neck thinking that may help?

    On the way into the hospital, "What will happen if I am this shaky when they give me the needle?" I could tell he was super anxious but he did a great job holding it together.

    The nurse told him he was not allowed to do much today. He asked if he could watch t.v. Why do kids think watching t.v. is actually DOING something?

    Afterwards, when I was able to rejoin him, he gave me the thumbs up. I gave him paper and pen to write with so he can keep pressure on the guaze. He wrote he needed a bell for his room to ring when he wanted something.

    On the way home, he wrote, "I'm fine, just the bandaides in my mouth and puffy." "Bandaides? Oh, do you mean guaze?" "Yes, I didn't know how to spell it."

    So, this oral surgery kid is well on the way to recovery. He is finding the puffy lip feeling weird and wondering when that will go away. Hasn't complained about pain at all!!! YEAH!!!

    I will need to go out later to pick up his antibiotics.

    Oh, he did say I have to let sister in law and brother in law know he is not allowed to eat harder foods like steak for five days "Because they always take us to places that have steak." husband is also on soft food diet with a new crown giving him problems - wonder if I will be eating at all this weekend?
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    Gotta love oral surgery!

    What did he have done?

    easy child 1 has had 6 teeth pulled so far because she's not losing them quick enough and the other ones wanting to come in have no place to grow in at. It can be quite nice for the time right afterwards .... all is quiet!

    Hope the pain doesn't hit all of a sudden!
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    Sounds like it went pretty well. Kudos to difficult child for holding it together under such a stressful situation!!! I got a kick out of, "It wont be your fault if I die" lol How cute!! :)
  4. Andy

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    He had two babyteeth removed which roots were not dissolving so the permanent ones couldn't push out. It was the permanent ones that are starting to turn to push into a side tooth as a way to find a way out.

    So, much easier than the 9 baby and 4 permanent ones pulled 5 years ago.

    His anxiety when it acts up leads him to believe that what he is facing is life and death. It is common for him to say, "Mom, if I die, I love you." to which I have come to reply, "And if you don't die you hate me?" "Mommmmmmm!" "Well, I know for a fact that you will not die"

    Bell rang at 12:00 noon - "Mom, I need to change guaze at noon"
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    I LOVE your reply to the dying bit! LOL. That's sounds like something I would say.

    Looks like soup for all of you for awhile.

    I have oral surgery in a few mo's. Ugh. I'm glad his went well and it's all over. Just wait until he's feeling well enough to pick at the gauze and start poking at the stitches ... :)
  6. I'm so glad it all went well. I hope he has a speedy recovery!
  7. mrscatinthehat

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    Glad things went well. Soft foods aren't bad for a short amount of time but after awhile BORING.

  8. Marguerite

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    Andy, I'm glad it went well. And there's no reason to starve - make some home-made chicken stock and turn it into pumpkin soup or risotto. Or make gnocchi from leftover mashed potato, flour and egg. My horde LOVE gnocchi (except easy child 2/difficult child 2). I have a photo of a very young difficult child 3 sitting in front of a HUGE bowl of fresh home-made gnocchi with a look of determination and delight on his face.

    It's all easy. And I find this sort of cooking to be good therapy, all round. It sure stops the "you don't really love me" comments. Or why would I go to such trouble? Because it LOOKS fiddly, either standing at the stove stirring, or standing at a flour-covered bench.

    Recipes available on request, if you need them.

  9. Andy

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    Thank you! We did chicken broth, applesauce, and mac & cheese today.

    He is doing great! Only asked for more medications now (almost 7:00). He said he didn't need anything at 1:00.

    Today has been very boring for him and that usually means troubled thoughts. He is worried about going to the Mall of America this weekend where one of his major breakdowns was last fall. I reminded him how much stronger he is now and how well he has done today - wouldn't have been able to do this last year. Got me thinking that it may be good therapy for him to go there again to get rid of bad memories. I may take him up to the 3rd floor where his body told him to jump from the balcony to show him that his is much much stronger now. Will see how the mall goes first - if he will go off with his aunt without me will be a good sign.

    We also talked about school behaviour - especially one teacher who he is having problems seeing eye to eye with. She is a great teacher and I don't know why he will not give her a chance. He doesn't know yet, but she will be his homeroom teacher. That is why I am trying to get these feelings worked out as much as possible before telling him. The thing is that even if she wasn't the homeroom, he would still have 1/2 the classes with her. She is trying hard to reach him, he just has put up a personality clash wall with her. I tell him that he will always come across a teacher from time to time that for whatever reason he will not like but he still must be a good student and work past it. Registration is next Friday and then we will tell him.

    Maybe I shouldn't have brought the subject up with him today but we were on a walk and it seemed a good time.

    Soft foods eating out are a little harder when your favorite hard foods are on the menu.
  10. Wiped Out

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    It does sound like the surgery went well and that he handled it well considering all of his anxiety. My easy child handled the surgery part well but now is all upset because she is swollen a little (and I do mean only a little). She thinks she looks ugly and was crying and no attempt to assure she is as beautiful as ever worked. She cried again when husband said it reminded him of a Brady Bunch episode when Marsha got her braces and thought she looked ugly. He was trying to say neither looked ugly but she took it the wrong way.

    I hope your difficult child is able to work out his feelings with his teacher. Once my difficult child has decided he doesn't like a teacher (which is rare) it is almost impossible to get him to change his mind.