Kansas....is this true???

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    I was just curious what the minimum wage is in our state, now. I'm so out of the loop, since I'm not an employer anymore.

    Anyway, I found a site that lists all the minimum wages in all states. Most of them are around $7.15 or $7.25 an hour.

    Kansas is still $2.65 an hour????? Is this really true??? When I got my first job in the 80's the minimum wage, here was $3.35.

    $2.65 an hour, in this day and age is just slave labor wages. Sheesh! Is Kim Jong-il running the government there?
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    I am pretty sure the minimum wage is a FEDERAL law, so that Kansas could NOT have a lower minimum wage. Usually the $2.65 is the about the rate for servers at restaurants and others who get tips.
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    Minimum wage is set by Federal law. States can go above and beyond that, as Ohio has, but they cannot go below the Federal number.
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    Not sure what the federal minimum wage is, since California runs higher, and San Francisco even higher than that. I've been out of the loop for too many years. I can't believe $2.65, though. I remember getting $4.15 working at Woolworth's one Christmas back in the 70's.
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    According to a poster on the wall at the high school, minimum here is $8.00. DS is working washing dishes at a nearby college and he's making $8.25/hr.

    Pam R.
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    This should help - (read above link)

    SC does NOT have a minimum wage law. When I started at the little store the boss made mention of starting me OVER the miminum wage (gosh thanks with this I can eat poptarts again).

    You can also call the US Department of Labor and Wage it's a toll free 1-866 type call - they're pretty knowledgeable - and you can call the Kansas Labor and Wage board.