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    :choir:I am so quite proud of myself for keeping my mouth shut when my parents asked me how it went with difficult child's therapy session. I used to tell them pretty everything because I have nothing to hide (they ask a lot of question) and it is nice to have support. But with difficult child's issues, it created a lot of tension. Basically they don't agree with- my parenting, think I'm crazy and difficult child is so fine. The few weeks out of the year that they stay with us they always intervein and make difficult child's behavior worst.
    Anyway, this time I just said that it went well, that the therapist is nice, that difficult child liked it etc. Just kept it real general. I did not mention anything that would have to do with the actual pb (processing issues, autism...) It was hard not to go "see!!!! She agrees with me that something is wrong!!!!" I kept my mouth shut:bigsmile:
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    Une bouche fermée n'attrape pas de mouche.

    I'm proud of you too. Dealing with mothers is so hard!
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    Trust me, often it's best to keep this part of your life private, especially when dealing with family ;)
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    While I don't think that extended family needs to know any details of therapy sessions, once you do get a diagnosis that you are comfortable with, I think you should let those family members that do show support, know, so they can be educated.

    My sisters were easy. I told them XYZ go research and also check out PDQ too, Oh, and by the way you WILL recognize Dad in there. My Aunt was harder because I think she is the only truly "normal" person I know and just cannot fathom that a "child's individual differences" should have a label. This was regarding my son. Now with DD1, one sister is on board, the other thinks the answers are easy, and the Aunt again just cannot fathom what such a young child has to be depressed about and that all kids are scared(anxious) about something.

    My Dad and his wife? They have no clue about any diagnosis. They just know that my kids have "issues" and that I'm a great mom, and doing the best I can for them.