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  1. Lothlorien

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    I'm probably on my fourth keyboard. The last one I had was a Microsoft, slightly curved on. It was fine, except it double typed a lot and spaced too much. I wanted an ergonomic keyboard, since I type so much and have the beginnings of carpal tunnel syndrome. So, I went to the store. The only keboard that was ergonomic, in four different stores, was another microsoft. I bought it, reluctantly. It's been fine. However, the last week or two, it doesn't type the H all the time. It's driving me nuts that I have to keep going back and fixing where the H is missing.

    Anyone else have this problem with keyboards? I type for a living so this just ticks me off.

    I used to have a logitec keyboard and it was great, but not ergonomic. The new logitechs are slightly curved, but not enough.

    The other problem is that I type so much, that I wear the letters off of my keyboards. My kids can't find the letters, especially the middle ones.
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    LOL, Loth. I'm chuckling here. I also have the MS ergonomic board. It's been ok, though I did go through about a month where when I hit the "p" it would type a couple of them (thank goodness for MS Word's spell check). Actually, I couldn't use anything but an ergonomic board - when I went back to work 2 years ago, just a week on a normal board had my wrists *screaming* and I don't officially have carpal tunnel. I have to have the curved board with the break down the middle.

    My brother tried to get me to switch to a Dvorak layout (supposed to be easier on the wrists) several years ago but I am just too old a dog to learn this new trick:

    Found these links for boards:

    And do a google on ergonomic keyboard - lots of them out there.

    As far as the letters, I've worn off:

    a, s, d, e, r, v, c, b, h, j, l, n, i, m, one "shift", and commas. On an old board I would rewrite them with a Sharpie when the kids needed to use the 'puter, but my current keyboard is black so... they're just out of luck.
  3. KFld

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    Wow!! I thought I typed a lot. I never wore the letters off my keyboard.

    I know sometimes something will get stuck in my keyboard and I have to shake it out, but I don't remember actually wareing one out.
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    Well, I don't type for a living. But I do go thru alot of keyboards. And thankfully I don't have any problems with my wrists. Actually had to remove the attachment that is suppose to help with that with the keyboard I have now. It was driving me nutes. lol

    I also wear the letters off.

    The one I have now seems to be holding up better than the others. It came with my new computer. Usually, I just buy the cheapest one that looks comfortable cuz I know it's not gonna last that long anyway.

    Like right now, lil Aubrey has discovered that the keyboard and mouse can cause Nana's computer to do some awesome stuff.....So we're having a tough time keeping her away from it.
  5. Star*

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    Give this a whirl. I was in a job interview and can type 95 words per minute. The lady next to me brought her own and typed almost 210 wpm. NOT joking.

    You have to learn this system, but if you type for money - this would be it.

    I also have one keyboard a Logitech because I went through quite a few to find one that didn't make noise for that tiny little Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) part of me. I still haven't found it but the Logitech was the quietest. Also - check around at Salvation Armys and Good wills for used keyboards. I have found 2 ergonomic ones there. difficult child liked it, I did not. I also have talk and speak (it came with my Office and it's on EVERYONE that has XP's computer. I can now talk into my head phone and dictate my own letters.)

    Happy Carpal Tunnel (got it in both wrists) I call it the price for perfection in speed. haha.
  6. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    See I don't have any of those problems... I hunt and peck... 2 finger typing, on a typewriter. I have it hooked up to the computer!!! LOL

    I can't type, so I would never have these problems!!! actually since coming here my typing, hunt and peck has gotten much faster!!!
  7. mrscatinthehat

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    I wear the letters off mine also. Doesn't bother me but everyone is hunt and peck. Hope you find one that works for you.

  8. Lothlorien

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    Star, I've seen those keyboards and They look cool, but they are really expensive and I can't learn that Dvorak system. I've been typing this way too long.

    I type about 90-100 words a minute and it drives me bonkers when I get halfway through a sentence and have to stop when I realize I missed letters, because of the darn keyboard.

    Slsh, those keyboards are $215.00! Yikes! I can't afford those, especially when I go through them so quickly. I think I buy a keyboard at least once a year.
  9. nvts

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    Have any of you tried buying those compressed air canisters with the tiny, skinny straw and "blowing under" the keys? Sometimes it's a little speck of dust that doesn't allow the key to make contact underneath.

    You can get them at costco, staples, etc. I've salvaged 2 or 3 keyboards for people around here with this "fix". You just pop off the keys, one by one and "blow".

    Alright, knock it off... :smile:


  10. HereWeGoAgain

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    I flunked out of typing in HS. Plateaued at 16 wpm while the rest of the class moved on. Actually my typing teacher agreed to let me "drop" typing at mid-term (took German III instead) rather than fail the class. It never appeared on my transcript. It would be real helpful to me in my job if I didn't have to hunt-n-peck (actually I long since learned where the keys are, so I don't have to hunt very hard, but I do still need to look at the keyboard, having never developed the touch-typing fingering from the home row and all that).

    I wonder if anybody else does this: I am right handed but I use my left hand to mouse with. That way I can jot notes etc. with my right hand without having to lay down my pen for pointing and clicking. Most people when they see the mouse and pad to the left assume I'm left handed. On the home computer the mouse is conventionally on the right though. There was a mutiny when I tried to switch it.
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    I've never owned a keyboard where the letters didn't wear off. At work, it's the number pad on the left that wears off...accounting. If I look at the keyboard, I have to think about what letters are rubbed off...I'm not used to looking at it. I just know where the letters are by touch. I couldn't draw one out by memory.

    HereWeGo - my daughter is a lefty and she uses the mouse on the right side, but it's the way she learned. Even on her laptop, she uses her right hand for the mouse.
  12. Hound dog

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    210 wpm

    :smile: :faint:
  13. meowbunny

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    I've found the split keyboards to be much more ergonomic than the curved. You can place them at the angle that is most comfortable for you. Prices are anywhere from from $90 to $400. Mine is mid-range and has lasted for 3 years now.

    Like you, I type for a living and, usually lose the letters on my keyboard after two months. If my daughter has to use my computer, I just plug in a regular keyboard for her. There is no way she touches my baby.