Know what I'm going to be when I grown up?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Chaosuncontained, Nov 7, 2011.

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    Friday, Carson (9), easy child#3 (6) and my youngest stepson (8) were in my car. Driving back from somewhere.

    Carson says to me "Mom? Have I ever told you what I want to be when I grown up?" I said "Tell me. I want to know!"

    He said "You know how much I love babies? Well, I wanna be a babysitter when I grow."

    I almost cried. He is so sweet. He has two passions right now. Babies .he's *always* LOVED babies--no baby is safe from Carson's attention in WalMart. And the other is Star Wars.

    Then this morning he said to me "Instead of a baby sitter I want to work at a daycare--cause I will have MORE babies to take care of."

    I know that he may change his mind 500 times before he is an adult. But...he is so sweet. I hope he can be whatever he wants to be.

    ps: Friday I got an 80+ questionaire on Carson (3rd one). It was titled "Psychological Assesment". And Carson told me that two "ladies" took him out of class and asked him a bunch of questions...he couldn't remember what they were. Friday is the deadline for IEP evaluations. I'm glad to FINALLY see SOMETHING happening.
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    My kids are a wee bit older... I'm noticing that interests that they had around that age, have stuck around. At 9/10, K1 was really into motors... still is. What he wants to DO with motors, changes at least yearly... but its still motors. At 9/10, K2 was really into animals... still is. From dog trainer to groomer to vet to vet assistant... who knows where she'll go with it, but she "definitely would rather work with animals than people"!

    So... Carson could end up being any thing from a daycare worker... to a pediatrician!
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    Chaos, I dont know if this will make you feel better or worse but....

    Cory, my youngest and the one I would call the difficult child here, has always been the one who was totally nuts over babies. From the time he was about your son's age or even younger, he would play with the toddlers or babies. People got the biggest kicks out of him because he would tell everyone that he couldnt wait till he grew up and he could have a baby of his own. Believe you me, we could wait! But he was so good with babies. He could get them to smile and laugh so well.

    Well...he did get his own 1 month before he turned 20. Sigh. LOL.
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    Ohhh, that's so cute!

    Yep. A baby at 20. Be careful what you wish for. :)
  5. buddy

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    I love that. It is so sweet to have boys love babies. And he even is dreaming of a career with them, that is cool. here's hoping for good impulse control as a teen/twenty something... no need to make one. My guy didn't like babies as much as he did like baby dolls for a while. he had one and it was a cute AA baby that we called baby Q after him. He had it in a grocery line while in the cart and the cashier said, how can you let a boy have a doll like that. She said more about boys and dolls... I was shocked she even said anyting, I mean, she needed to keep it in her thinking bubble, right??? I just said, well how else is he gonna learn to be a daddy? And ignored the rest. Not worth the fuss. Q was happy chewing on the baby doll feet.
  6. TerryJ2

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    I mean, she needed to keep it in her thinking bubble, right???

    Argh! What a jerk! Not to mention, lousy sales tactic.
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    wow buddy...thats shocking! What era is this anyway? All my boys got little boy Cabbage Patch baby's when they were little boys. They also had kitchen sets with the sinks and fridge and food. I got lucky back then and got a wooden set at a used place. I got Keyana a plastic one. The wooden one was much better. At least it held up under little lively

    And yet even playing with a doll Jamie grew up to be a Marine...gasp!