Ladies - a menopause question. And an update

This is for the ladies who have been through the "mental-pause"....

After almost two years without - I have suddenly started a full blown period. I have had some very minor spotting twice in the past few months - I thought I was just "irritated". In hindsight my mood has been extremely gloomy, and I haven't had any energy for the past two months. I haven't posted here because of it. I have done very little except knitting on my looms all day and into the night. Then - last Wednesday and Thursday I couldn't stay awake. Very sleepy - kept dozing off all day. Saturday morning I woke up with cramps and a visit from "Aunt Flo".

I am not really worried about anything serious - because this feels so much like a regular period. I am more aggravated than anything else. (PLUS - I have no "supplies" and no money to buy any!) I WILL be calling my doctor in the morning.

I am wondering if anyone else has suddenly had a period after several years without one?? Or could it be that I didn't go through Menopause after all - but have had some sort of menstrual/hormonal problem for the past two years??

Any similar experiences - or ideas??



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I just had a endomytrial(sp?) biopsy because of spotting & such after over a year with-o periods. (Came back okay)

Having said that, there is some concern when bleeding starts after such a long time with-o a period.

I'd check in with ob/gyn.

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I am just about at a year without, I have the same symptoms you are describing, no energy, cant stay awake and just feeling crappy. I often wonder if "kate" is coming back but I never get it. I am considered pre menapausal, I am only 38 and have been like this since 35. I was just talking about this with my friend I have no idea whats wrong.

I would talk to your doctor, 2 years without is a long time to suddenly get it back. BUT I have seen it happen in a much much older women. She had a cyst or something.

Call the doctor


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Yep, never hurts to be checked.

I'm in the "lets not do anything for months, then kinda sorta spot, then not do anything for months stage. Only good thing about it is that I don't have symptoms of Aunt Flo these days. Which is good for someone with serious PMS problems.

Anything that is out of the "norm" for you OB/GYN wise should always be checked out.

Grace I don't understand your doctor. If you've been without a cycle for a whole year at the very least you should be in menopause, not premenopausal. That is the way it has always been explained to me. My docs consider me in menopause. And I've been managing faint (very) spotting only about 3 times a year, if that.


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<span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #663366"> amy, my menopause was surgical so i didn't go through anything like this.

given that you've had no periods for such a long time i think a visit to your gyn is definitely in order. it's probably nothing, but i wouldn't just ignore it.

</span> </span> </span>

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Daisy I am just about a year, April 4th actually was my last period. I have POF premature ovarian failure which is slightly different from menapause. Because of my age I could still spontaneously get my period based on my ovarian function. I am sure though that the next time I see my OB/GYN that it could change seeing that its been a full year this time.
Pretty devasting when your 35 and still trying to have children and your told that your ovaries are kaaput! moving on.



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Hi, Amy. I seem to be getting stuck in a hormonal place for awhile before everything starts moving again. (Sort of like an old watch with rusty cogs!) Still, the longest I have gone without a period is three months. Some months, there are more periods than one. With the emotional and physical symptoms you describe, I would say your cogs meshed and you had a period. (!) Like everyone else though, I think you should see what your ob/gyn thinks.

Has anyone tried Pamprin for menopausal symptoms of water retention and irritability?

Works fairly well for me ~ better than nothing, anyway.

Estroven (not estrogen ~ Estroven) actually works for me, too. I did not think it was helping, so I stopped taking it, and the hot flashes and night sweats quadrupled over a period of months. I started using the Estroven again, and (again within a period of months), these symptoms decreased markedly.

Has anyone tried the progesterone cream, and what did you think?


P.S. I thought I would add my age? Fifty five, ladies...and still almost as regular as clockwork most months.



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Barbara, you have my sympathies! Just to make you good 'n jealous, I had my last one at age 48! And I don't miss it one little bit!


Actually, when all that was going on, I hardly noticed! It came at the same time that I was going through the last bitter years of the "Marriage From H*ll", immediately followed by the 15 month marathon "Worst Divorce In The History Of The World"! I just felt generally lousy for over three years, spent a whole lot of time tap dancing on the edge of that cliff, and it's hard to tell now what was one and what was the other!


All I know is that they both ended at about the same time and I've been grinning ever since! I highly recommend it!

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I'm going to be 43 in May. But women in our family tend to go thru the process MUCH sooner than the average age. My Mom was done by 38. Her mother at around the same age. And my grandmother recalled her mother being "youngish" too. Although my great grandmother managed to have her only son just when she thought it was over. :faint:
Thanks for the advice, ladies.

I saw my family practioner today and she is concerned. She requested some bloodwork today and I go for an internal ultrasound tommorrow. Then a referral to a OB/Gyn who will probably do a uterine biopsy.

I could use some own mother (who gave me a ride to the doctor) was in a hurry to get back to her home because she had to be ready for a possible date. I am taking a bus to the hospital for the ultrasound tomorow. (small pity party happening here)

I'll keep you posted......



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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>Amy, I had stopped for about a year and then had a "gusher"(please excuse the graphic, but felt it was descriptive). After that I have stopped again. It was good to see your doctor and have tests run, but I wouldn't take her concern as something definitely wrong. All women are different, even in families, so could just be a "last hurrah" from your female system. See what the tests say, but don't fret too much if things aren't conclusive. PS I'm 55 and this started when I was around 52.</span>

:doctor: :faint:

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I'm glad the doctor ordered testing. Sending warm hugs and saying a prayer all is well.