Mom? What's a difficult child?
I am ready to stop all medications and start over!!! LOL The poor thing and to think we have only been at this since December! Yikes

psychiatrist wants a target of 50mg with Lamictal, and that is about when we will see her next... if I don't can her by then!!! Our next apt is June 26th. So K will have been at 50mg for about 3 weeks. And then I am guesing our wonderful psychiatrist can make an "educated" decision on how much to increase at that point...

At this point I am so leary of this Doctor I really feel that she does not have K's best interest at heart. I don't expect much, but a return phone call or an e-mail... a plan.

I have Seroquel on my list.
Thanks Janet- everyone


Mom? What's a difficult child?
She just informed me that the mean fairies told her she was stupid... she says it is a mans voice in her head, they were telling her that we were not going to Hippotherapy today and that she is stupid... (she has a lot of anxiety over the therapy) ie: getting there on time.
She said she doesn't talk about it that much because she doesn't want people to know they are mean to her...

So I have had to hold her on the couch already in a huge depression, she rocketed back up, and now we have voices and lots of anxiety....

10:30 and no phone calls... can I up my medications???


T, hallucinations are considered an emergency symptom. Can you call the psychiatrist every hour until you get a response (the squeaky wheel, as they say . . . )? K needs an increase in her AP, or she needs a different AP introduced. Abilify at that dose isn't doing it.


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Oh hurts my heart to hear what your poor little girl is going through. I wish so much there were somewhere you could take her to get some immediate help.



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I am with smallworld here. I dont think abilify is holding her at all. I think if she was my child, I would call and ask to change to seroquel. It is sedating and that may at least help for a bit.

Of course this is my opinion.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
I KNOW!!! I feel like a broken record here, "my child has auditory hallucinations"... I tell everyone I talk to. They all seem to act like it just part of her symptoms, which I agree it is but, she has been having them for a long time, but shouldn't we ADDRESS this symptom???

I have been near hysterical the past couple of days on the phone... I think I am finally getting my point across!!!

Our pediatrician called back and the psychiatrist who I have tried to get into in the past, he is at the only hospital in Spokane that works with mental health. and he actually sounds really good, does research on mental illness etc.

Anyway I called him, they called him, he called there office this a.m. and wants all of our paperwork faxed over!!!! They will go over our case and decide if they will take us on...?!?!?! And someone will call us back!!!!

I don't want to get excited, but I am. I really hope this could work out for K, I am dreaming right now but what if the school was good and we found a great psychiatrist at a facility with a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) and therapies!!!!
OMG!!!! TOO good to be true....

I have called this place so many times and they are not taking any new patients... maybe K is severe enough...

Fingers crossed!