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We are changing Jessie to Lamictal instead of Keppra. Keppra can be helpful but does not seem to be controlling the absence seizures.

We are starting with the oral disintegrating tablets in the Lamictal starter pack. We will then switch to the generic (when she is at the right dose) because our ins will NOT pay for the brand name. Not a penny toward it.

The one thing I don't know is if she should take it in the morning or evening.

Do any of you have suggestions? The doctor didn't say and the starter pack doesn't say.



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It can cause some insomnia so I take it in the morning.

by the way, I take the generic and it seems to be fine. (ETA: And I started with the brand name starter pack.) Although, I don't take it for seizures.


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My husband took it twice a day for seizures. He actually had issues with fatigue while on it -- I've also heard of insomnia being a problem (if I remember right, difficult child 2 had insomnia when he took it).

I hope it helps her!


Because it treats depression, Lamictal can be known to cause activation and insomnia (as others have mentioned) so when my kids started it, we always began in the morning. But then when we increased, we added an evening dose. My kids now split their doses morning and evening.
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My difficult child has never had an insomnia issue (it can cause this) he takes it in the evening. Hope it helps Jessie.


My difficult child took it in the evening. We just either were not here in the morning, or were so rushed we would forget. It didn't seem to bother him. It was the best drug he was ever on. They didn't have generic then so it was quite pricey. But he was SO angry....This really turned him around in that respect.

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Major takes his twice a day, but the larger dose is at night. It actually helps him sleep, but he takes zyprexa at night as well.


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My BiPolar (BP) sister takes Lamictal and does very well on it. Because of that, and because I have this weird kidney/endocrine thing where I cannot concentrate my urine and wind up very dehydrated, it was decided to start me on Lamictal instead of Lithium.

Well, it had me climbing the walls and feeling like I was going to come out of my skin.

I switched over to Depakote and other than having to fiddle with the dosage now and then, seem to do well on that.

I wish I could take Lamictal--Depakote has very noticeable cognitivie issues, makes me shake (as does my AP), and of course there is the weight gain.

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difficult child takes 200mgs at night and 400mgs in the morning. He can't take all 600 mgs at once because that dosage upsets his stomach too much.
Our difficult child takes his Lamictal in morning and evening. I don't see any sleepiness etc. I think Lamictal is one of the most wonderful drugs in the world and I thank the chemists who developed it. Really helps difficult child not rage.


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Thanks all. Her system is so "messed up" now that she is pretty much on the vampire shift. She really tries to turn it around, but the shaking is so bad at night, and so painful, that she cannot sleep.

She is taking the Lamictal in the morning for now. If it causes problems we will go from there. I would really love for her to not have to take depakote. The weight and cognitive issues would drive her nuts.


Gosh I sure hope this works! I knew a young girl who took it for seizures with great success. Good luck!