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    I know nothing about electronics. Honestly, I can't even put music on my mp3 player without my kid's help. My son wants a laptop for Christmas, and I will get him one because he'll need it for college next year anyway. The money he makes working this summer will pay for his books and expenses for next year. So, most likely I would buy him this anyway, now it will be his Christmas gift.

    If he asked me for a shirt, great, I can find the best deal. I need your help. I think I might get him one that I saw in the Staples ad that starts tomorrow, but really, I don't know 1 THING about the best one for the money. Do any of you? Any input would help. Radio Shack? Best Buy?........Cyber Monday? or should I wait? Thank you.
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    I just got one for my kids and consulted a computer whiz about what to look for. I'll tell you what he told me.

    4 GB memory or more, processing speed of at least 2.5 GHz, 500MB hard drive (I got one with 320MB since it was what I could afford). Stay away from off brands like Acer & Samsung (poor quality). He didn't say anything about a particular brand or store. He just told me what to look for in the computer itself. I got mine at Best Buy. It's a Hewlitt-Packard. Because my kids need Excel and Power Point, I had to buy Windows Office separate since they usually don't usually come already installed.

    Hope that helps. Happy hunting.
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    I have ordered mine thru dell and/or gateway. but these days there are really good computers in lots of brands. I am not an apple user, just limited in some ways, but many people love them.

    What is important is the amount of memory. both the RAM and ROM. cheaper computers often have less so that can be a big difference. Also, when you order online, you can choose to have different microsoft word packages, choose which windows version etc.

    OMGosh, not sure the price you are looking for, but check out todays special value...6 payments and no interest and I LOVE MY DELL

    this one has tons of memory and a great operating system watch the video...tons of colors

    Dell 15.6" Notebook Intel Core i5 8GB RAM 640GBHD with-Software -

    ps I have bought thru them before, a computer ..... and the additional software is amazing...way more than you get from the Dell site and you wont find it in the stores...I also have a kodak printer I got on a daily special a while ago... really good wirelss and I paid less than to buy new ink for my old printer.
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    I would go for Dell or HP, personally. The more RAM the better. And make sure you get something with a dual core processor if possible.
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    I bought a 17" HP laptop about a year ago and I have been very satisfied with it. It didn't come with Word or Excel but I can always add them if I decide I need them. I had Dell before and found their support services a little hard to work with but HP has been great. I got an HP this time around because we had them at work and they were always so reliable. I also bought a small wireless printer/scanner for about the same as I paid for ink for my old printer and you can buy the ink for these at Walmart or any office supply store.

    One thing I would HIGHLY recommend is to buy a good antivirus (like Kaspersky) and install it right away and don't rely on a free one that you can download. And don't rely on the temporary short-term version of Norton that comes preloaded in most computers. I've had problems with both. A tech told me that the version of Norton that comes on most computers is very easily corrupted and you can have MAJOR problems. There is a Norton Removal Tool that you can download from the internet, get rid of the Norton, then put in good antivirus software. My sister in law, the computer genius, recommended Kaspersky and it's been super reliable. I have had no problems with it at all.
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    I've had the full version of norton for a long time and like it. Had mcaffee or a while and hated it, though with both I have had no viruses.
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    I hate Norton and McAffee. Sorry. Much better anti virus software out there. spiel for Radio Shack. They have a deal on now for a good computer plus the warranty through them is great. Some warranties are okay but you have to go through heck and back to get things done. Radio Shacks is good. I should know, my son works there. Go to the store and if there is the computer you want or wanted but they dont have it in the store they can get it shipped to your house free from their warehouse. They have been having some really good deals lately that have included printers. If you want me to ask my son if there is a good deal coming up that is not there right now, I can do that. But go online right now and see what is there now.
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    Buddy, I think the regular version of Norton that you buy and download on your computer yourself is OK. It's the temporary short-term version of Norton that most computers have pre-loaded when you buy them that can cause trouble. The HP techs told me that this pre-loaded version of Norton can cause all kinds of problems and gets messed up very easily. I had my brand new $600 laptop for exactly FOUR DAYS before the Norton was preventing me from even getting online! The best thing to do is get it out of there ASAP and replace it with a decent antivirus software. You can't just delete it either. You have to download a "Norton Removal Tool" to get it out ... almost like an exorcism! If you don't, little bits and pieces of it will remain and cause you lots of problems.

    And from what I've heard, McAfee kind of bites the big one too! I don't know how it performs as an antivirus but I've heard that it takes up a lot of room and when it is scanning, it slows your computer down so badly that you almost can't use it.
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    We take our security seriously here too. My son is sort of geeky so we have good software. I run paid for antivirus. I also have advanced system care and malware bytes onsite too that I run. Now that everyone is online constantly with either cable or dsl, you have to be even more secure.
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    When I was using comcast (cable company) for internet they provided free norton, full version. You went to the site and downloaded it with a code from comcast. Now, when I switched to CLEAR internet I thought I'd have to find something else, but there is some glitch in comcast, it hasn't stopped, not even a year later.... not sure why but I even get updates etc. I am sure if off this computer I would be in trouble. I will ask you guys for the best ideas, now that I know I have inside sources, smile. I have found it easy to use. I had looked into the one that the government uses, hsn offers it at a good price and it is lifetime can buy a variety of licenses in a group. It is expensive on thier site, but there are good deals.

    Thanks for sharing the free sites though, that is WONDERFUL. I will do that if needed.
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    Thank you so much everyone! Janet can you please ask your son which one he would recommend? I need to know exactly what to say when I walk in the store. I need Windows, and not an "off" brand. I need some type of spyware, We had Dell computers and we don't like them, they all said never again for Dell. Thank you so much for all the advice!Janet, thank you and Billy in advance. It doesn't need to have every single bell and whistle. I work with man who teaches computers and he charges $20 an hour to fix things on the computer so,I don't need all kinds of extended warranties.
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    there is a Toshiba bundle on sale at RS right now for 3something. Comes with laptop, case, mouse(plug in mouse which I use instead of the stupid and something else I cant remember from his bedroom to mine...lmao. It is one of the black friday weekend sales so they may be out in your local store BUT...if they dont have any they will order it and send it to your home! Now the only thing is its a 15.9 inch screen. I have that same inch screen on my laptop and I will tell you it doesnt bother me a bit. I dont think I would like carrying a larger one around honestly. I did have a little 10 inch and that was small. This is just perfect.
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    Thank you! I'm calling there right now!
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    awesome, this board is great!