Last minute advice, how to keep my cool???

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    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    OK our meeting to determine if K is eligable for anything is Thursday... Needless to say I am kind of nervous... I have "stuff" layed out all over the couch, I have the Wright'sLaw books, tons of stuff printed out...

    I am having such a hard time fitting K into any group... finding an example that has worked.

    I met with our therapist who is coming with us and who is our "advocate" also... she is even at a bit of a loss, of course last week when we were to meet K was having a huge breakdown and lost it in her office, she dealt with that instead of us talking about the meeting...

    husband is coming but he is so disgusted by what he saw when he volunteered in her class that he feels even if she gets an IEP who is going to be able to help her... he feels most of the help here are underpayed and have given up... which is basically what her teacher confessed to him!!!

    I am trying to have hope...
    So I am looking for any last minute tips!!! HELP...
    I am writing up my plan, what I want for her future, the next year, her strengths and weaknesses...

    I feel she is having distractions, needs to much physical contact with just one child, and needs a quieter environment for testing...
    Like in the computer lab: kids are in her face... she can't focus. Things like that...

    How does this work, If they have denied us the IEP, but say yes to a 504, will thery have something written up that we take home also?

    Also if they say yes to the IEP and most likely they have it written up in their one sze fits all plan, then I take it home and add what I think she needs and we meet later? To agree or disagree? Or can we make changes right then and there and then I take it home and look it over, prior to signing? I am sure every school is different...

    They said, oh these take about 30-45 minutes! That seems kind of short to me???

    I am worried also, so far they have not called prior to testing, like we had written, they missed the 60 day timeline, and they missed the week advance that I asked for to have all of the assessments to me prior to the meeting... I still don't have them!!! They said hopefully Tuesday!!!
    Not looking very positive!

    Any advice stories hints ideas...

    *Oh I did get the one result that she is recommended for Speech Therapy 2x a week for toungue thrust and lisp... other than that she is above normal on all of her testing... and a good kid in class.
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    FIRST they have to qualify her, THEN there is an IEP meeting. This cannot be done in 30-45 minutes even with a OSFA IEP. Focus on qualification, which is a hurdle with a child who is testing high.

    The new version of IDEA is supposed to have eliminated "waiting for failure." You child is the poster child for this problem that is now supposedly addressed.

    If you live in a state where you sign the IEP, DON'T do it at the meeting. Take it home--there are no "one time" offers in IEP meetings---They are not selling used cars. In addition, EVERYWHERE, you have to sign for placement because that is Federal law. You will probably want to sign for placement because without that, you have no option to negotiate an IEP. HOWEVER, please remember that everything needs to be in writing and measurable. DO NOT accept promises to "work things out" later. The IEP never gets ANY better after the meeting and often gets worse as you husband has figured out.

    I am sorry you both feel so negative about the SD. Do you have any other options?

  3. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Oh... so this meeting is just for them to say she qualifies for IEP or 504 or nothing... no plan is written up??? We then have another meeting to write up the plan??? The way I obviously misread everything was what I thought they came to us Thursday and said, she qualifies for 504... here is what we think and they have a OSFA plan worked up...

    I guess not??? So Thursday we just argue about what we all can/can't agree on as far as plans? Then reconvene...

    DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING... right!!!

    Thank you ...

    We don't want to wait for failure... that is my mantra!
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    Yes, assuming the SD is done with their testing, this first meeting should be to go through all the domains to see if she qualifies and if so, whether for a 504 or IEP. If she does, then her team--which includes the parents--will meet to create the actual document.

    At this point they shouldn't have a document made up. Now prior to IEP meetings my difficult child's teacher and therapists put their heads together and come up with some suggested goals and recommendations, but we always go through them together and they've always been open to adding goals and accomodations I suggest.
  5. Martie

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    I didn't say that they would not TRY to have a combined meeting; they probably will. However, the law allows for two and with initial qualification, two are usually necessary.

    IF you hassle over Sp Ed (IEP) qualification (I wouldn't accept a 504--they are not enforceable), then certainly there will not be time to write the actual IEP document.

    SRL is correct to remind me that they should not come with a pre-prepared IEP. Draft goals are OK for subsequent IEP meetings but for this first meeting you MUST get her qualified, or there is nothing to talk about.

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    One other thought--You probably already know this, but don't go in with the Wright's law book sitting on the top of the pile of your stuff. It may look antagonistic and you don't need to go there yet.

    Get yourself a serious color (like black) three ring binder, and divide it up by categories such as school, private evaluations, health records, etc. If you think you'll need to pull out some stuff on IDEA on 504 vs IEP then slip that into a section in the notebook. I've always brought a notebook in and it's been commented on a number of times, especially since when someone makes a "I thought I saw ____" and goes fishing for it in their stack I usually know exactly which report its from and where it's located.