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Son called from a mental hospital. I truly believe he needs to be there for a long period of care. They probably will not keep him there longer than 72 hours. I feel this is just another form of manipulation on his end. The brief "conversation" was him screaming at me that I need to let him come back home, and I deserved to have my property destroyed. Since he is 21, I will not be allowed to have any input. When this ploy does not work, he will ramp up to the next level of anger and retaliation. I am truly afraid that this will not end well.

The article that Bunny posted on mj use and increased violence hits home.


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It is such a assault on our sensibilities and hearts to have acts of violence outbreaks upon on. This is incomprehensible when it comes from those we have loved and nurtured.

Please take good care to be safe and protected. I really do not enjoy the weakness in our systems that fail us and our ill and damaged children.

I am glad you have the viso installed and know that this is such a difficult time for you.


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I am so sorry.

I, too, wish the hospital will see he needs long term help. Since he threathened your property, can you contact a court and try to start proceedings for a long term stay?

What a nightmare. You know to be extra cautious. Sad, but helpful we know the drill.


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I installed a Ring video doorbell that works with my security system.
I think this is a very smart thing to do and glad to hear you did.

Stay strong Pasa! If you feel your strength failing, draw on all of us here, we are standing right beside you holding you up.
I do hope in the midst of all this that you are able to find some peace and calm. I hope you are doing something good for yourself.



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So sorry to hear this.

I hope and pray that this will end for you some time soon so you can have some peace!

We are here for you.

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Odd. I was able to go get one immediately when Lloyd was crazy. I went to the local police station and they granted me a temporary one. I then had to go before the court and rehash the nightmare in order for the judge to grant me an extension which was good for one year.

Do you have either a county or city mental health department? They might be helpful in regards to expediting the order. The fact that he broke into your home is most alarming.

Gizmo needs to up his game considerably.


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He did not hit me. That would have gotten an immediate protective order. I will have to wait for the judge to make a decision. My county sucks when it comes to protecting children,women,and the elderly.


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I am going no contact with him. I changed my number so that he can't text me. This way I will not be tempted to look. He's blocked on social media. I just don't think i can even have anything to do with him anytime soon.