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    once i think i have things some what handled with my son !now my cupcake is teething she is running around the house with her teething ring holding close and crying every 5 minutes ! she has no fever just pain i know that she is teething becasue for her this is the only time she is unhappy. next month she will be 15 months old and she brings me so much joy , but when she teeth i want to send her to her bother's room that way they can drive each other crazy and stop calling mommie :rofl: and my husband has hurt his back on his job so he has been taking pain pills and lying in bed all day while i took my son to the track to let him run off some energy .

    when i finally get home he says the baby been unhappy and crying alot i said who you or her. men act like big kids when they are sick . but back to cupcake she is really feeling bad i have gone to the store bought some oragel and rubbed it in her mouth with q- tip and she just looked for a couple sec and continued to cry . so i guess i rather listen to her cry then the school call crying over my son . sometimes i look back at things that happen day to day and laugh so i want cry . :smile:
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    When my kids are calling 'Mom' all the time, I've just told them that I've changed my name and I'm not going to tell them what it is. :smile:
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    Teething is NOT fun. :surprise:

    Have you tried giving her some infant tylenol for the pain? I always use the combo of oragel and tylenol. Oh, and freeze a wet washcloth, then let her chew on it. She'll love it, I promise.

    Sounds like you've had a grueling day.

    ((hugs)) :flower:
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    An alternative to the icy washcloth - get some bananas (really ripe ones, with the skin getting black spots), peel them and cut them in half (across the middle). Then stick a paddlepop stick (popsicle? whatever you call them) in the cut end and put them in the deep freeze. If your freezer is frost-free, put the bananas in an air-tight container in the freezer.

    Then give one to the baby. These do not drip; big pieces cannot break of or get bitten off; she just :censored2: it and enjoys the flavour as well as the cold on her gums. These are good for big people too. Just watch her with the stick...

    Or if you have those plastic sticks to make your own ice blocks, then use those to make these frozen bananas.

    As I mentioned, these are best with slightly over-ripe bananas - not so ripe that they are turning brown inside the skin, you still want them yellow inside, but the riper they are the sweeter they are.

    Once they thaw they are only good for smoothie, a banana cake or the compost.

    These work better than chilled teething rings.