Letter from Young difficult child in prison...

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by lovemysons, Oct 7, 2012.

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    "Man, I'm excited to be coming home in December. This year has really flown by. I'd like to sit here and tell you all the things I'm going to do different but I feel that's wasted page as my words are empty my actions will speak for themselves. I have been through hell desperately trying not to pick up any cases and staying out of trouble. However, this is the easy part the real challenge lies beyond these gates. The real challenge lies in the gas station where alcohol is readily available and cheap. It's in the bad days I have and the choice not to throw my future away for a quick high or even to lose my temper and act on impulse. Indeed, many choices are opening up when I walk out but I believe with the support system of family that has helped me make it through here and sincere dedication I can succeed. I love you so much mom. Please write me back or come visit it gets lonely out here. Tell dad I love him and that I appreciate and recognise all that he's done for me and continues to do. I could not imagine what it's like to have two hard knock son's. Anyway, I love you."

    I think it's a good letter...time will tell.
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    It's a lovely letter. How I hope he is "feeling it" in his heart. So much potential but a long hard road ahead. Hugs DDD
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    It's a very good letter and he is right, the proof is in his actions. Sounds ike he has done some soul searching and deserves a chance to follow through on his words. I am hoping for the best and rooting for him all the way, and for you LMS.

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    That's really a hopeful letter. Makes me sad he is lonely. Im happy to write again if you resend me the addy! I hope the temptations and stresses of life are not too much for him this time but he was doing better before he went in, if I remember, and he has his family ....gosh I hope he finds the strength!!!
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    LMS, what a sincere and heartfelt letter, as a Mom, that one would have brought me to tears.......... I hope his words can translate into real healthy action when he gets out, we can all pray for him. It seems he has the two most important factors going for him, a desire to change and a strong, loving family system. My heart goes out to you and to him and I will keep you both in my prayers.............
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    Sounds like he is truly ready to make reparations. Thank you for sharing that sweet, hopeful letter.
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    He seems ready to try his best. I hope he does well when he is released. I wish him lots of strength to resist all temptations.
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    I'd be happy to write too if you want to private message me details on Facebook (I check there more often than logging in here).
    I'm crossing fingers that this is it for him. The moment of truth where he realizes his worth and potential and lives up to it.
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    Yes, I agree it is a "hope-filled" letter...I just so want for young difficult child to set aside that temporary "feel good" so that his beautiful lil family can be loved and provided for in the way they deserve.

    Young difficult child's oldest child, Joey, will be 5 yrs old in Novemember. He goes to pre-k now...and I know what it is like to not have a dad as this was my situation growing up. I don't want him to internalise the lack therein from a father as meaning that there is something wrong or inadequate with him. I didn't feel worthy of being loved well by a man as a result of being abandandoned by my bio dad. I was 17 when I met my father...and like young difficult child, he was an alcoholic. A very selfish man who just expected me to easily forgive his absence in my life. But I lived those years of absence feeling unloved by a parent. I don't want Joey to experience that same kind of pain.

    Young difficult child also has 2 beautiful little girls. Julie will be 3 in December. She was definitely a "daddy's girl" before he was sent to prison. Their youngest will be 6 months old in Novemeber. daughter in law has taken the baby to see young difficult child in prison several times now. The baby is absolutely beautiful.

    So, it is not so much for me that I want young difficult child to succeed. Yes, it would kill my heart to have him locked up again but not so much for the everyday pain I would experience but moreso what his children would be living without and how that would make them feel about themselves longterm.

    Buddy and Mattsmom...Thank you so much for offering to write young difficult child again.
    Buddy, unfortunately my daughter in law (who I DO love dearly) sigh, is the suspicious type. Yes, she actually thinks you might be one of "those women" who is attracted and wants to start a relationship with a prisoner. Gosh she is silly. I tried to explain to her that you are simply trying to be a friend to me and a caring "pen-pal" to young difficult child...nothing more. So looks like young difficult child will be a little lonelier in prison because of his jealous wife. She is young.

    Thank you all for caring about me and my young difficult child.
    He is very dear to my heart...and Yes, recovering enabler, I did tear up as I read young difficult child's letter aloud to husband the first time I read it through. Young difficult child is the middle child and youngest son and did not connect as well to my husband as oldest son. Young difficult child is made like me, not husband. Plus, I have some guilt feelings as young difficult child was the only child that I went back to work after just having had him two weeks prior. I feel he did not get the nurturing from infancy that my other 2 children got. Plus I have read that the middle child is more vulnerable to ending up in prison at higher risk for various negative things...I am fairly protective of him from others as I honestly feel that my young difficult child has a VERY good heart underneath his sub abuse addictions and mood disorder.

    Thanks again for the care,
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    LMS: Your difficult child wrote a really beautiful letter to you. Thanks so much for sharing it. Please tell your difficult child that he has a lot of warrior moms who are hoping and praying for him, and we all want him to make the right decisions when he is released from prison. You have a lot of friends on this board, and we are all sending positive energy for you and your son. HUGS...
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    Hi Pinevalley,
    It's always nice to "see" you.
    Have been thinking about you and your son. Is your son still in jail? Any updates?

    Hugs and prayers back to you and your family.