List of poorest, least educated, highest crime states in 2019


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These are supposedly from Federal statistics and the moderator did point out the good parts of each state. This is about the entire state, not one bad town so Chicago didnt put Illinois on the list and the staistically most homocidal city per person for a big city, St. Louis, did not put Missouri on the list. It is the stats on a state as a whole and #1 surprised me until I heard why. From 10th to 1 here we go.

10. Nevada (high violent crime, not many jobs outside of Casinos, low education, poor healthcare etc.)
9. Arizona (warm and sunny weather but very high crime, drugs/alcoholism, poverty, not good education stats)
8. Tennessee ( very friendly but in the bottom ten in most categories. Memphis is not the reason but it highers the crime rate. A lot.)
7. S. Carolina (poverty, high crime, poorly educated, beautiful in some spots)
6. Oklahoma (very low in all major areas)
5. Alabama (pretty but poor with high crime, not well educated, not a lot of jobs)
4. Louisiana (very low in all major areas, very kind people, horrible dangerous weather)
3. Missisdippi (On A petsonal note I thought it would br first. Very low in every not good category. More racist groups than any other state. A beautiful state with mostly nice people)
2. Arkansas (similar problems to Mississippi)
1. New Mexico ( lots of veryvbad crime especially in Albequerque near border, drugs, 2/3 of the kids dont graduate high school, and very low in all important categories)

These are NOT my opinions .i never been to any of these states except on a drive to Florida.

There are also youtube videos of most violent cities and lists of top ten most working well states. I believe New Hampshire was #1 and my favorite state Minnesota was #4. Why didnt we move to MN? My husband insisted it was too cold! So we moved to tropical Wisconsin and awaY from a richer, less violent state with phenominal healtch care(Mayo Clinic), well educated folks and other perks that Wisconsin doesnt have.

But that may be for another thread :)

Have a nice day!
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This is interesting SWOT. So much of my own biography has been influenced by what happened in my area, during my early years which makes me think that one's life story is to a large extent determined in its particulars by the geographic/cultural situation into which one is born as much as family dynamics and class.


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My life was influenced by the people who made fun of me in my supposably upscale suburb of my childhood so I agree. They influenced my decisions about what is of value. I never did adapt to the mterialisim and greed and just meaaness of my first town. I didnt want to be anything like them.. Or live in such a place.
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Honestly if you would ever had told me that I would move to Alabama in my life I would have NEVER and I mean NEVER believed it. But here we are.

I think I may not have a true view of this state as we are on the coast and most here are transplants. There is a huge Airbus (airplane building) plant here and another one is being built now as well as Austal (ship building) etc. so a lot of highly skilled workers here. Also so many do NOT have a southern accent at all which I found very surprising. I have a very strong Chicago accent and many comment on how much they like it (shoulder shrug) but it is very kind.

I do not miss Illinois at all. I do miss our sons and the many many friends we have there. I wish I could bring them all here.

We are on the Eastern Shore so I have to travel over Mobile Bay every day to get to work so I see water on both sides all the way into the office. I enjoy it so very much every day each way and it's a treat to me. I have always felt a calling to the water so this must be where I am meant to be.


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RN, i never liked Chicago. I was born there and my first husband wouldnt move. But my second husband was eager to move.

The only reason we did not look further away is that my kids are all in the area we live in. Smaller, quieter states always appealed to me. They are much friendler and is even like that in our part of Wiscomsin. It is nothing like a big city area.

I think you are very lucky and made a good choice. Water is the best!


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Alabama is a great state. They have a NASA facility there. My son went to space camp there when he was a young teen.

There is a reason the people are moving to the southern states and away from the north.