Listing of schools in my state


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How do I find a listing of Special Education schools in my state?

difficult child currently enrolled in a out of district school, capable of providing her needs and doing well. (there is a god)

I need to move to get closer to her school and my work. Although I would like to keep her in the same school, I don't know if it is possible to find affordable housing in that area. I asked the child study team and was told to look them up on the net. Not exactly the answer I was looking for. Is there a website or someplace to contact in order locate this information?


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I found two different lists for my state (Virginia). One was by doing an internet search for private schools in my area, which lead me to a link that described any certain focus area or specialty (dyslexia, autism, etc.). The other was by going to the website for the state dept. of education and following the link for special education. I had looked in the phone book under special education, private schools, etc., but it wasn't useful in finding a particular specialty.

I hope this helps!!


Whether or not there is a "published list" of state approved private schools varies form state to state.

This was part of the issue in the Carter case Pete Wright won before the Supreme Court (the state kept no list :hammer: )

I do not know what NJ does, but you could begin by going to the State Board of Ed's web site (also called by different names in different states), but all states must have them, by federal law.