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    Having a child with Aspergers will make you REALLY learn to say EXACTLY what you mean. I thought I was but apparently not!

    I had found the sparkling juice that I love for 1/2 price so I stocked up. I asked Eeyore to take all 12 four packs (6 cranberry and 6 blueberry) and put one of each into the fridge and the rest on the floor of the pantry. Yep, you guessed it, he took ONE CAN out of EACH of the 12 packs and put them in the fridge instead of taking one pack of each flavor and putting it in the fridge.

    Eeyore still doesn't get what I wanted him to do. I'm laughing too hard to explain it.
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    :rofl::slap:That is EXACTLY what difficult child 1 would do. Having to say exactly what you mean can get tiresome but if you don't, you never know what you're going to get.
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    Yep - Classic!
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    That's a good one!
    I'm glad he's so cute ... my difficult child would do that and then get mad at me because it's my fault and he'd be raging all day ...
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    Oh golly I am on here right now cause my difficult child and I just got into a huge blowout about this!! I keep a coin jar in the kitchen and call it my Sonic fund. I looked in it and lots of quarters were missing. I asked difficult child if he took my money. He said no. easy child said yes he did. So I asked again and the answer was no that he did not take it. I went and looked in his penny bank and miraculously he has come into quite a hoard of quarters. So I ask him where he got the quarters. His response," I found them in your Sonic fund"
    So when I try to explain that he did. It find then he took them without permission it seemed like I was speaking a foreign language. Apparently if something is found, it's his, regardless of origin, location, or anything else that might make it wrong.
    I wish he came with a decoder!!!!
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    I wish he came with a decoder!!!!

    Absolutely! Good way of putting it.
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    ES, difficult child 1 does the same thing!! Are you sure your difficult child and my difficult child 1 are not twins (actually triplets because difficult child 1 already has a real life twin). LOL!!!
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    It gets better, I promise. I (eventually) learned that the rest-of-the-world doesn't think the way I do and I'd better ask questions to clarify when I'm not sure.

    It results in a lot of conversations such as: "When you asked me to warm up the car, did you mean to turn on the engine and let it run or also turn on the heater?"

    But it's better than the "Why didn't you <fill-in-the-blank> like I asked you to??!!" that I used to get as a child and teenager.
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    Priceless! Love it.
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    Interesting. For ME? The biggest problems happen when I am sure that I know what is expected.

    We're trying to teach the kids to ALWAYS confirm, at least unless it is totally routine -same people, same house, e.g. the example this thread started with... where, if it were the house I grew up in, the expectation would actually have been one can not one case...

    It's also a very (VERY) long learning curve to try to teach husband that the rest of us can't read HIS mind any better than HE can read OURS...
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    TeDo, I am starting to wonder about the whole twin thing. It is nice to know someone is in the trenches with me!!
    Today, difficult child "worked on" his tree. Its a good sized oak tree that he has nailed steps to. He has also built a bench to sit in it. The bench is about 12 feet up the tree. And he is as mad as the dickens that I won't let him sleep on his bench. (the bench is two 2 by 4's nailed together).
    I wish I was paid by the times I shake my head or roll my eyes (out of view of course) by his ideas. I think I could be a bazillionaire!
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    ES... in fact, he COULD sleep there. Just don't tell him that. It would take him about 10 years to "get there"... and he won't want to get the experience. But, experienced mountain climbers do the equivalent... it involves a mummy-style sleeping bag, and really good knowledge of ropes, and you basically tie yourself to the "ledge". But... you have to know what you're doing. And of course, difficult child won't believe THAT.

    The really literal stuff, I can handle. I can see where they are coming from.
    But... the "extreme" stuff is still really hard to navigate, because it IS possible (just not likely and not all that safe).
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    InsaneCdn -

    Oh sweet Jesus, I can not let my sweet little adventurer know this!!! He already possess a mummy bag because he likes the tightness of it.
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    More importantly, you need to start thinking about how you will handle it when HE figures out what mountain climbers do (if that becomes one of his interests)... Somehow, we have to stay ahead of our difficult children if we can...
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    Lol sounds like you know my son!! Usually it is always a matter of when not if.
    Is that a trait most Aspie's possess?
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    JJJ...I so know the literal. Billy is extremely literal. We used to say it was like programming a computer when talking to him. One day we told Billy to watch the bacon while we got the rest of the groceries out of the car. Well he stood there and watched the bacon burn to a crisp never bothering to take it out of the pan or turn the stove off or any of the other many things normal people would do to keep bacon from burning up. Now believe me, he knew how to cook bacon.

    He was also once asked to watch Cory while I ran Jamie about a mile and a half up the road to his baseball practice. On the way home I see the both walking up the road! I stop and put them in the car and am furious. I ask Billy...didnt I tell you to watch Cory? Yes, and he started walking out the door and said he wanted to go up to the baseball field to watch Jamie so he was going to walk there. Cory was 5. So Billy decides to let him walk and followed him and watched him. Hello?