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    Last night we ended up having to take another trip to the ER due to difficult child not feeling safe and scared and he was beating himself in the head, while there they did blood work on him and it came back that his lithium level was too high. He's been on the new dose of 600mg BID since March 22. ER doctor said to call his psychiatrist today and to not give him his lithium for a couple days. Well, call has been made to psychiatrist, but she's not in the office but once a week and today isn't her day to be there, but a message has been left for her to call ASAP and the reason why. The last appointment we had with her, I mentioned that I didn't believe the lithium was working yet, so she increased the dose since he wasn't at therapuetic levels, now he's too high, I just hope no damage has been caused from this and I wish she'd call back soon so we'd know what the heck we're supposed to be doing. Oh and the last set of labs he had while in psychiatric hospital his thyroid level was abnormal and husband and I seem to be the only ones concerned over that as well.
    Why does everything have to be such a struggle? ~sighing~
    Also, even though he's not been admitted to psychiatric hospital since that last visit in March, we're still making trips to the ER every other week. Residential Treatment Center (RTC) placement isn't any further along now than it was last month and it's going to take longer, the place that insurance company sent a packet to, wants all his records on his diabetes, before they even decide to do an interview with him. husband and I feel they're just going to prolong this and nothing is going to happen.
    We're just so tired of being shot down at every turn. So, tomorrow we have an appointment to talk with our local congressman. This is something my family doctor said we should do months ago. Not sure what he can do, but maybe he can get things moving a little faster. :confused:
    Anyway, wanted to give everyone an update as well as do a bit of venting. Thanks.
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    Hi Joanne
    Things do take forever, it seems. I know when I was waiting for difficult child's funding to come thru for his housing, we had to document all unsafe actions and call the crisis center so it was documented with the state. We had to meet with the Governor and plead our case, the wheels they turn so slow. People on the outside have no idea what we all go thru in our homes. Take care of yourself and know that you are being thought of.

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    Joanne, how did things go with the congressman?
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    The congressman listened to our concerns and questions and wrote a whole bunch of stuff down and said he'd be making phone calls and try to begin helping us from his end as well. We probably won't hear anything back from him until at least next week. But at least it sounded positive. ~keeping fingers crossed~
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    <span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #000099"> ugh, i'm sorry things aren't moving more quickly for you yet. sorry you are still making such frequent trips to the ER. it's expensived & exhausting.

    which Residential Treatment Center (RTC) have you applied to...florida or ohio?? what will probably end up happening is you will wait for what seems like forever & then you'll get a call sayin be here in two days :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:.

    </span> </span> </span>
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    Insurance company sent packets to the one in Ohio and Florida, but they don't have a contract with Florida. They want to do the one closest to home, which I understand, but... so husband and I are even looking into a "residential program for emotionally disturbed deaf children and adolescents" that's even that much closer to home.